04/03, 04/10 Heat


Heat, which ended up when it was getting intersting. And last week’s Heat, which was never going to be intersting.

I need some Velocity.

I may have some more stuff to post later; I’m not sure if/what I’m going to write up on the ELL-MEX show, but I wanted to get this up and post some stuff on the other site first.

You know what’s great? I was about to watch people do major physical damage to another, but I really wanted to eat Honey Nut Cheerios while I was watching. And then I rembered I could pause the show, go get my cereal, and eat while watching people bleed. What a world.

Joe Rogan has convinced me I never want to have a beard. Maybe even never go a day without shaving again, in case there’s an odd chance I could look like that.

The announcers being unafraid to pleasure themselves and their company got a bit old quick.

5 Responses to 04/03, 04/10 Heat

  1. Did your Honey Nut Cheerios come with coupons for a free McDonalds salad and a free Fruit & Yogurt Parfait?

  2. Was “Heritance” some wacky spellcheck blooper, or did I miss a joke?

  3. Wacky spell check blooper, sadly.

    Hey look, I guess I really didn’t upload last week’s Heat.

    Cheerios came in a big box from the grocery store. One of those big boxes which seem like a great idea at a time, but make you hate the cereal by the time you’re 3/4ths done with it.

  4. I’ve been meaning to ask something about Velocity. Since it won’t be airing after the new TV deal goes into effect, how do you think they’ll handle the last episode? Will it be like the final WCW Thunder where they called it the “season finale” or will they just sign off with nothing said at all?

  5. Hey, the recap is up now.

    What I figure they’ll do, if no other deal is struck between now and The End Of Velocity, is move the matches to Afterburn and turn Bototm Line into Experience (though not bothering with the NY on location stuff), kinda like it was pre-TNN. In that case, since they’re just moving shows around, they’ll probably do the same as they did with Superstars – quickly announce at the end of show that it’s really The End, and promote the new show a bit for two weeks before forgetting it. The end of the series will be heavily downplayed, with maybe Josh or someone sneaking in a few snarky comments.

    Hey, maybe they’ll call the new show Superstars? That’d be neat.

    Hopefully, less hours of US TV equals more time for the Best Of Velocity DVD.