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Comparing the USA Today salary numbers to what I’ve got. We’re actually in the same neighborhood, so I haven’t completely been wasting my time. Note they don’t count any of the buyouts, but they do count those on the opening day DL, so they’re a bit higher than the number listed for the 25 man roster.

Difference, small and not
– Veteran minimums are higher than guys without tenure, so Chad Fox is getting $575k and Scott Williamson is getting $500k.
– Barrett’s numbers were averages; it looks like it’s 3 1/3, 4, 4 2/3 in the contract.
– They still have A-Ram’s old contract or they only are counting half the signing bonus.
– LaTroy and Remmy’s numbers include incentive bonuses from last year; I consider that part of last year’s salary.
– Derek Lee getting 1/3 less million than I had.
– Leicester is getting under the minimum? Odd. Maybe I don’t understand the minimum.

The Cub Reporter walked thru the minor league rosters over here. (The problem with fifty people covering the same team is even if you have a good idea, three other people have it too.)

Around the minors

Finding box scores for these things are tougher than I’d expect.

Albuquerque 7 – Iowa 5: You’ve heard the Prior stuff already. The Des Moines report noted Ronny Cedeno starting off the season 4-4 with a HR; Iowa adds Greive also hitting a home run.

West Tennessee RAIN OUT Chattanooga: Apparently it was bad enough to cause some flooding in the West Tennessee area. They’ll kick off today instead, and make up the missed game with a double header on Thursday.

Tonight, the DiamondJaxx game is followed by a Micro Wrestling Federation match. Yes, midgets. I’m thinking not Tzuki.

Daytona RAIN OUT Brevard County: The story here is the FSL picking up right where it left off last season; at least this time it’s not Hurricane related. They’ll make up the game on June 1st.

Wisconsin 3 – Peoria 1: Cheifs got behind early, blanked by the starter, Mark Lowe, for six innings, squeaked out a run from the 9 hitter (Jose Rios) in the 7th, and had a runner on in the ninth – only to see Alberto Garcia get picked off. Ewww.

04/07 SD! Running Thoughts


Got the old computer running. Yay. Still making an annoying high pitched whine, booo.

When people kept coming out to challenge for the title and Cole kept going “I’ve never seen anything like this”, maybe he was being really specific – since the last time they did it was for the US Title for Teddy Long’s GM debut, and this had cooler people and everyone getting mic time.

They’ve given enough to do brackets, actually.

04/07    |JBL------
Rey------          |
Eddie----          |
04/14    |---------|---------
Angle----          |
Big Show-          |
04/21    |---------
Booker T-

Maybe I’ll spin it off into another page. Maybe it’s not worth it.

Presuming the blood works were all unplanned, all three people involved in the cruiserweight match did a great job of weaving it into the match story; having Charles ask London if he wanted to keep going added greatly to the dramatics, and it’s something they had to think of on the fly.

Was that Ricky Reyes in the way back left of the “Luther brags to cruiserweights/women” segment? I love those kind of “wrestlers as background” bits because they’re so enlightening:

  • Spike apparently needs to sit on something to make himself tall enough to be in the back row
  • Nunzio’s apparently a heel this week; see if it sticks
  • Akio figures if he’s going to be standing around doing nothing, he might as well put his arm around Rochelle. Smart man.
  • Rochelle and Lauren (process of elimination) are apparently heels.

Oh crap, Eddie vs Kurt in Chicago. If I could figure a way to swing this – and say, not be a state away Tuesday – and probably not be stuck going alone, I might actually go to SmackDown!

Josh gets killed and Steve Romero finally gets to be subpar on SmackDown! in an interview segment clearly written for the talents of Mr. Mathews – concidence? NAH. I’m suspecting payoff. Carlito should’ve beat him up for dropping the apple.

The completely pointless Charlie’s Angels pose endeared me more to the new girls they’ve done not involving dodgeballs. NEW BLOOD. How ugly was Joy’s bikini, really? Really.

Lucha recaps coming tommorow evening. Gotta clear something off this TiVo. Tempted just to do AAA times and finishes because I recapped so much of the next CMLL show and now I have no access to it.

OJ going to defend the title at any point? Still trying to figure out who he can actually beat?

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