stadiums on satellites


So, I’m messing with Google’s satellite maps, just looking for cool things to look at, when it occurs to me – ballparks are cool things to look at from high above. So, I made a list.

AL East
Camden Yards
Fenway Park
Yankee Stadium
Tropicana Dome

AL Central
U.S. Cellular Field
Jacobs Field
Comerica Park
Kauffman Field
The Metrodome
(left side of Minneapolis was coming up oddly)

AL West
Angel Stadium of Anaheim – is there a motorcross event going on?
McAfee Coliseum
Safeco Field
Ameriquest Field in Arlington

NL East
Turner Field
Dolphins Stadium
Shea Stadium
Citizens Bank Park – picture is noticably old; lookat the not-build park.
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium – very bright compared to the area

NL Central
Wrigley Field
Great American Ballpark – no map
Minute Maid Park
Miller Park – no map
PNC Park at North Shore
Busch Stadium

NL West
Bank One Ballpark
Coors Field
Dodgers Stadium
Petco Park – no centerfield wall yet
SBC Park – seems goofy to have an island of parking lots

Those which just have parking lots for neighbors seem sad and lonely.

Other places

Olympic Stadium – Montreal

RCA Dome – domes are very boring to look at; that’s the AAA Indy Indians ballpark to the left.

Elfstrom Stadium (Kane County Cougars)

Gateway Arch – this works better than I thought it would, because

Grant Park. The softball diamonds a bit south from here look neater, actually.

what I did while the bulls were on


Sent the computer in today. Never managed to salvage anything off the hard drive. I think I figured out how to get the MP3s off my iPod, but I’m not completely sure where it is at this point.

I hooked up my old computer, but the monitor isn’t working at all. Probably because I have too much storage room, I have the monitor from my computer previous to this one (maybe 10-12 years old), and tried hooking it up. It gets all the way into Windows 98 loading screen, and then nothing; I can hear it process, I just can’t see anything on th screen – I figure the resolution set for this computer’s monitor doesn’t work with the older smaller one. This could easily be fixed if I could get into Safe Mode, so of course it’s not letting me into safe mode.

I’m hoping to figure out some way of fixing this before I have to do anything involving watching TV and writing (instead of just typing for no real reason.) I think I can temporarily hook the computer up to a monitor with higher resolution and change the settings, but I dunno.

This is all going so well. Should’ve just bought a computer; by the time I’d get it now, I figure the laptop should be back and fixed. I hope so, at least.

Digression: Early highlight of April stats is lots of hits from, as one another.

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