ROH 04/02


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Joe’s traveled to the 04/02 ROH show, featurning the the American BOSJ tournament. (Or the resumption of the Dragon/Spanky best of infinity rivalary.)

Which LOTR movie is Dragon’s favorite? Read and find out!

computer update


I’m really really not looking forward to turning on my old computer and trying to see how much it works, so I wasn’t around yesterday and probably won’t be around much this week during the evening.

It doesn’t actually make sense to go dark-ish on the Cubs stuff for opening week, but then it doesn’t make sense to spend time screwing with an old computer when it’s opening week.

Just to be cruel, yesterday, my laptop actually found my hard drive, booted up WXP (very very slowly), and allowed me to set up all my MP3s to be burned – and then crashed when I wnet to burn it. I could never get it to work again. If I get it to work agian, my new idea is just to pull off as much as possible to another local computer, because it’ll never make it thru a burn without crashing.

Everything looked to be where I left it on the hard drive which is great, but there were whirlling sounds coming from the computer, so I don’t know if it’s just a mirage.

If/when Heat’s done, it probably won’t be till later this week – I skipped it on Sunday because of the computer problems and total uselessness.

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