opening day


Probably no live blog, because I’ll be driving during the first couple innings and it’s tough to type that way. And the dead computer.

Happy to see they managed to hang on to Kelton. Surprised Sergio didn’t make the team.

You know, it occured to me five minutes ago, I could actually really get behind a lineup of

RF Hairston
2B Walker
SS Nomar
3B A-Ram
1B D-Lee
LF Hollandsworth/Dubios
CF Patterson
C Barrett

Whatever the case, I think the key to the season is how much we get out of those corner outfield positions.

back again


WWE’S RAW Returns to USA Network – Yahoo

Like the current UPN deal (and unlike the current Spike one), WWE gets a rights fee and the network is selling the ad time.

In addition to Monday Night Raw, USA will air a one-hour weekend RAW-branded program, and NBCU’s Telemundo will air Spanish-language versions of RAW. NBC will also air at least two yearly, 90-minute Saturday late night RAW specials.

1) Sounds like Heat’s moving, but Velocity?
2) RAW IN SPANISH. May be watching that instead.
3) Wonder if at least one of those NBC special are for the pre-emptions; reading the press release, they don’t say anything about the Dog Show and it’s affect on RAW.