I hate Gateway


My computer’s BIOS won’t find my computer’s hard drive or CDROM drive. So I’m completely screwed. Stupid MooCow wants me to send in the computer (which would be the second or third time I’ve hard to do it under this warranty) and is throwing out the possiblity of having to reformat my hard drive (which would be the second time they did it and would screw me so much.)

(this could completely screw up my iPod too, now that I think about it. GREAT.)

Anyway, while there are other computers I’m capable of using, things may be slow for a week or so. I may or may not recap Heat tonight (it was all talk, anyway) and may/may not implus buy a desktop computer so I have an alternate option when/if this sorta thing happens, and maybe take care of that burning DVD thing I can’t let go of.

If someone wants to sell me on an MAC, now would be the time. All I’d want is

– network fine with WIN PCs
– video editing software
– simple web editing stuff
– big ol’ hard drive for backups.

I dunno, obviously I’m not doing enough backups if these things happen. I’m just ticked off right now. I’ve got this problem and I’ve got a DVI only output flatscreen monitor I’m somehow supposed to hook up to a VGA only input computer (and the adapter doesn’t work that way, I now know.)

Edit: Since I may or may not remember the password to my address, you ought to e-mail the if you need to get a hold of me for the next two weeks or so.

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WM 21 Previews


The big WM21 buildup STARTS HERE. (Also ends here.)

Joe, Scott, James and me did a WM preview. It’s nearly as exciting as the card!(!!)

Either I don’t have Tanvir and Albert’s correct e-mail address or they weren’t around this week. It did take till WM for me to finish it, if you’re wondering why we didn’t include more people.

If you need even more WM previewing, there’s a OO preview where I sound dumb. I consistently hate my writing after reading those. It’s total torture to write for me to express what I’m thinking in those, and it never comes out sounding correct.

Hope WM21 is good.