3 SD 03/31 thoughts


I dunno why I’m watching this now and not sleeping. Trying to clear off my TiVo.

1) At least Paul London cared about the belt. I would’ve paid Cole $20 bucks to bring up the Akio/London relationship or the Akio/Kidman relationship. Would be neat if he watched his own programs.

2) SEE! This is why Josh needs a Bill DeMott or Tazz in his Velocity life, to get the stupid statements out of his system with people who are less likely to beat the crap out of him. Otherwise, he uses the stupid on other people to horrible results like that.

2) the Embassay vs the WWE is quickly moving towards my favorite fake feud. Poor Fast Eddie Vegas. He didn’t even see the fat guy coming! Show’s “whoa” almost made the whole weight in work.

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