So. New DeadJournal over on WV.

Oddly enough, TeeVee did their annual April Fools mock site, and this year’s joke was celebrity blogs. Like, say, Kurt Angle’s. Not as good, unless you always wondered what Kurt would be like as 13 year old girl.

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rule 5 return


Hagerty returned to the Cubs.

Looks like Hendry’s plan to send a spy to the Marlins and figure out their secret Cub beating plans may pay off. And, we made some cash off of that – pizza party for everyone!

03/31 cavs vs bulls


Went to the delightful Cavs/Bulls game last night. Great game.

Speaking of Page 2, Scoop Jackson was guy who brought the ball out to center court. He was hanging out with the referees before the game, oddly enough.

Speaking of balls, I got an inflatible regulation basketball. Except they gave them out all without air, so we’re figuring they’ll be lopsided when we blow them up.

LeBron, thanks to the D, looked bad all night before the Shot, and looked bad all night after the Shot. I credit that, and some of those 3 airballs, to Noch.

So glad Tyson hit the free throw before the shot. Cleveland’s overdue for some game winning shot payback against the Bulls; just not last night.

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