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Hogan made everyone believe (ESPN/Page2)

I’m pretty sure this is a bad piece, but I can’t say for sure; my brain exploded when he quoted Hogan’s autobiography as a factual source.

Hansen Cut

31 press release. Guess he didn’t want to go to Iowa. They’re 99% sure to be taking 12 pitchers now.

Williamson gets moved to 60 day DL, freeing up the spot for Chad Fox.

Edit: I saw a “SOX 1919” license plate last night. Completely confusing – is than anti-Sox or pro-Sox thing?

Down to 30 (or 29)


Getting Cliff Bartosh set off a chain reaction of moves:

– Stephen Randolph, he being the actual left hand pitcher with no options, I believe, was given his release. Hendry’s not afraid to ditch guys he’s gotten in trades, it appears. That clears up one spot on the 40 man.

– Will Ohman was assigned to Triple A, with the carrot of possibly be brought up later.

– Scott Williamson was upgraded to a major league contract, taking Randolph’s on the 40 man roster. He’ll vacate it at the start of the season to go on the 60 day DL.

Meanwhile, Cody Ransom, an NRI who’s name I’ve been mispelling all spring, gets traded to Texas for PTBNL, in a deal probably more about the Rangers not having to wait for waivers.

In more expected news, Angel Echervarria and Calvin Murray resume their roles in the Iowa Cub outfield.

People left in camp who I don’t have figured for a 25 man roster spot

– NRI P Chad Fox: this is more admistrative than logical; he’s obviously on the roster; I’m waiting to see someone (Kelton), anyone (Kelton) knocked off it for more than a day so he can take their spot on the 40. I’ve got both Wellemeyer and Leicester figured for the bullpen, and obviously he bumps one of their spots
– AAA? P Michael Wuertz: and he might bump out the other one. I’ve got no feel for how that last spot is going to play out, plus Prior being on the DL could create yet another spot.
– AAA 3B Dave Kelton. The notes had a story about Kelton’s wife and cat and dog, and their inablity to pack at this point. Carrie Muskrat probably should’ve rephrased it; they ought to be packing, there’s just no way of figuring their destination at this point.
– NRI 1B Dave Hansen: Dusty would love to bring him along as the designated PH. Problem is, there’s no room on the 40 right now, and there’s no room on the 25 if they’re starting off with 12 pitchers. What I figure will happen is they’ll ask him to go to Iowa for the first two weeks while the rotation is being fixed, put him on the 40 Man when Williamson is moved off of it to the 60 Man, and bring him up as soon as possible. (Yes, this could also be accomplished by cutting Macias.)

I don’t know if they’ll figure it all out before they hit Vegas. I think a lot of it depends on how if/when they find a taker for Kelton (or decide to cut bait); that’ll at least trigger the Chad Fox move.

Roster update follows.


Sisco followup


Royals made their cuts today. The big news is Pickering over Harvey, but as far as Cubs fans might care:

[Royals] seven-man bullpen is Jeremy Affeldt, Shawn Camp, Jaime Cerda, Nate Field, Mike MacDougal, Andrew Sisco and Mike Wood.

(KC Star)

It’s the Royals, they’re not going to damage their playoff chances by keeping Sisco around all year; showing enough in Spring Training to be worth the 162 game roster spot was the real hurdle. I’d be very surprised if he got returned.

Bay for Bartosh


Cubs trade A P Bear Bay for CLE LHP Cliff Bartosh

First thing I did was look him up in BP2005.

Good: He has had a high K rate (which fits in) and a low HR rate.

Bad: He’s a younger Remlinger – used as a situational lefty, he doesn’t really have a history of getting them out.

Eh. We’re going to be working on this situational lefty spot all year, I figure, and it would’ve been the same with Randolph or Ohman. (Assuming they have options – and now I’m faintly recalling Ohman might not. Hmm.)

I don’t put a lot of a value in Bay, because it’s a long road from single A to the Majors, which not everyone makes. Plus, they’re dealing from a strength.

40 Man Impact: He takes the empty spot gained by putting Vasquez thru waivers. That leaves no room free for Chad Fox, unless Dave Kelton is moved. It’s all but a sure thing Kelton’s gone – the only possible upsides is a trade for a marginal prospect, or him being slipped thru waivers.

Related: It was pointed out to me here that since Scott Williamson signed a minor league deal, he doesn’t impact the 40 man roster – he’s a veteran who’s agreed to be on Iowa’s roster, and Iowa’s DL. When/if he’s activated this system, it’ll become more of a deal.

Hidden Benefit: This must mean they’re expecting to use Rusch in the rotation at some point.

There was a crazy report on Comcast tonight about the Cubs bringing up *13* pitchers. I’m pretty sure I must’ve heard it out of context and the reporter meant “12 pitchers on the active roster and Mark Prior”, because it’s insane otherwise. Plus, the only guy who could be sent down is Dubios, and I believe BleedCubBlue. on him at least getting to ride the pine. (Should’ve believed him on Bartosh!)

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tAR 03/29


(x-posting, mostly)

I wouldn’t have stopped if I was Rob or Amber. (Which would be odd, but go with me here.)

My thinking is if there’s another team there to get help if needed (which there was) and no one’s in a huge panic (the teams were standing around waiting by the time Rob and Amber rolled past), there’s nothing you can really add by stopping. If they needed you then, they’d let you know.

I think the best solution was to slow down, roll down the window, and ask, which the other teams did.

(I also think he didn’t think about stopping because the gay guys were there, and they didn’t want anything to do with them.)

I’m sure I’m liking Rob and Amber more than I should as a reaction to other people equally irrationally hating them, but I still think they were okay here. Far from perfect, but not outright horrible.

I think what’s more important (yet will get lost in the mix) is a Fun Team beat out a Not Fun Team at the end. That’s gone the wrong way many times. Much of the show is dependent on how fun/entertaining the people who are left are; it’s easier to love when you don’t have to put up with couples who clearly need not to ever talk to each other again.

Add in the dramatics of how the Fun Team lost the time, and then caught all the way up, and it was an awesome finish. Pretty good show, made possible by combining the non-elimination into a two hour show.

The new “we take everything” policy for lasts on a non-elimination is neat, but kinda annoying how it was logistically irrelevant – outside the airport, there was no place they could’ve spent the money they lost, and it wasn’t neccesary there.

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Yesterday was the first warm day of spring. Sixty degrees and really bright outside. I was kinda disappionted I somehow didn’t make the time to take it in – lots of extra stuff to do this week. Luckily, today’s just as good, if a little bit less sun.

SunTimes decided to start refering to today’s weather with a statement rather than a description at some point. That’s what they’ve called the weather, yesterday and today.

Looking for Help: Anyone else got TiVo and TiVoToGo and tried the trick to decrypt the .tivo files into standard MPEGs? I’ve followed this diagram, but can’t figure out where I’m supposed to dig around to find dump. Probably completely obvious, but I’ve looked everywhere.

Decrypted would work great for CMLL I wanted to pull off my TiVo, edit down to the good parts (in my dreams, even adding some post production) and share. Still need that DVD burner first, though I did manage to track down all the cords I’d need to send the video and audio back to the TV if I wanted to do a VCR dub in a really ghetto way.

Looking for Help 2: There’s this home intercom system we have, pretty standard seeming. In addition to intercom stuff, there’s an AM/FM tuner which works fine, and some wall plugs to plug a stereo into the system. I’ve never figured out how the plugs are supposed to work; nothing I’ve hooked up has played. I’ve been trying using standard red/white/yellow cords to connect (which fit), and I’m wondering if there’s just another type of cord I need.

Can’t even think of good search terms to google it. Maybe I just need to use the standard audio cable, but I was thinking I have tried it. It’s the only thing I can figure.

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who wants to live in Milwaukee


UWM’s Pearl to TENN (ESPN)

This is funny, because I’m pretty sure Bruce Pearl was the same guy on PTI last week who talked about not being like other coaches and wanting to move around a lot for other jobs. But it’s a coach, so what do you expect.

This was the year to leave, too. They were an older team at the end of their cycle and were very unlikely to be as good next year, in the Horizon League alone. And you’re only the new Breakthrough Coach for so long – if you’re going to take advantage of it, you ought to do it quick.

Greatest Thing Ever: No Collins/Pearl stories twice (or five times) a year! Hope you stay in the SEC a long time.

Rule 5 notes


McKeon said left-hander Luke Hagerty is unlikely to pitch in a Grapefruit League game this week, meaning the Rule V pick will probably be offered back to the Chicago Cubs before opening day.

”He may pitch somewhere else, but not here, not in a game,” McKeon said of Hagerty, who pitched one inning this spring, walking one. “A lot of those guys won’t get in a game. We’ve got to get the [Guillermo] Motas, the [Jim] Mecirs and those guys pitching. We’ve only got a week to do it.”

(Miami Herald, 03/28)

Meanwhile, the Royals, with nothing better to do this year, sounds like they’re keeping Andy Sisco.

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03/26 Velocity and 03/27 Heat


Velocity was good. Somewhat. I was really disappointed when they says Heidenreich was wrestling next in the second half of the program. Not as much because it was a bad match, because I can ignore bad matches pretty good, but because I was hoping we’d get two segments of the closing tag match instead of just one.

I think, on SD!, Eddie should tune up for Rey by facing London.

Heat‘s really in a cycle of awful lately. The good thing on the RAW side is they’ve cycled most of the worthless guys out of the main event picture, but that means it cycled them right to Heat. Add in the guys who seem to have been doing the same things forever (Val, Hurricane, La Resistance, Rhyno) and it’s so

What does it say about the creative side when their big idea characters are flopping, though?

  • Simon Dean – huge investment in buildup, not a single meaningful feud: complete failure
  • Gene Snitsky – got over by accident, gotten less over every moment since, to the point where Coach and Grisham were wondering how long he’d last in the WWE on Heat
  • Chris Masters – on Heat. Closer to being over in ROH than WWE
  • Mumahhad Hassan – over? Close enough. But if he’s losing to HBK (like one would expect unless Angle shows up – and they’ve already done that), and getting beat up by Hogan (like everyone assumes), I dunno if we’ll be saying the same thing next week.

The one trend I’m noticing is the new characters don’t get feuds to work with.. Christy has a chance to be intersting – a slim chance, granted – because she’s actually involved in a feud with a wrestler. Can’t really say anything more about the other people here right now. They’ve got to do a much better job of sticking people in feuds right off the introduction. If you don’t have any rival, you’re going to be on and off of RAW, and if you’re on and off RAW, you’re meaningless. Why invest the time in before they come on the show when you’re not willing to invest it after they’re on.

Not these ideas were great to start with, but you’d like to cut down on the problems.

There’s probably going to be a whole truckload of new people come post WM. Hopefully they’ve got better ideas.