Velocity 02/26 and Heat 02/27


Velocity and Heat.

ROH 02/26


Chicago Ridge show was okay.

I have completely lost any shred of mental thought ability beyond typing in this box and hitting save when I’m done, so perhaps now’s not the time to go into detail, espically since I’m losing typing soon. It’s Flowers for Algernon situation.

See what I mean? How the heck did I come up with Flowers for Algernon? It’s all breaking down.

I think I’m kinda down on the show because
– I, and only I in the whole freaking world, really wanted to see Puma vs Noble (the stars of my favorite TV shows collide!!!!!! except no Jack), but they apparently had a rule where the first one to acknowledge the crowd would immediatly be killed and that kinda annoyed me. Half the fun of Jamie Noble matches was him yelling out things and calling people BOY.

He did wear the CTU shirt, come to think of it. Better than Tony?

The main last time I went – Colt/Punk vs the Briscoes – was really really good and blew me away. (Not enough to go again, but let’s pretend.) The top two here were

Punk vs Rave. Rave had an unbelivable awesome robe. It was the shining moment of Rave’s career – he can not possibly be greater than he was wearing that robe. (He did not take my ticket this time.) The match, perhaps on purpose, killed the crowd by Rave trying to demonstrate 13 ways to illegally use a hidden chain on Punk, and sadly only actually coming up wiht like 5. This went on forever, especially if forever is 15 minutes. Punk eventually lost by arm drops, and while I went for FRESHLY DISCOUNTED TO $1 PIZZA (no real food today but a big slurpee probably screwed with my head too, but it’s been a real bad day besides), they *OMG* caught the chain and restarted the match. Punk gets his comeback off that (the reaction for the caughtness wasn’t strong enough to make it worth all of before, but I think people were still in ‘omg someone didn’t get their arm up on the third try and it was punk!’ shock.) But then, after about 8 more minutes and Rave nearly killing Punk when a top rope Rave Clash gets aborted, Rave ended up using Prince Nana’s portable smokey aerasol thing to Punk’s eyes, and gets the win.

Prince Nana is everything Tanvir wrote he was way back then. Awesome.

I’m thinking the point of this win and the one over Styles in Dayton is so Nana and Rave can say “look at the victories this man has! isn’t he great!” but it more makes me think “victories are overrated.”

Speaking of! Can you imagine Samoa Joe beat up Aries for a while, Aries came back, Joe beat him up again. After the kick out of finishers exchange, Joe had the match won with his sleeper on the mat and wasn’t particularly hurt, but somehow didn’t get his shoulders up in time, and got himself pinned. This also falls into victories are overrated category! From my (often wrong) booking thought process, I figure you don’t book this rematch unless you’re doing it to validate Aries as champion, and nothing here validated Aries as champion (unless they did the match after I left) so what the heck.

on the other hand, I’m happy it didn’t go an hour because I’d be dead now.

I think Samoa Joe’s weakness is he can absolutely maul a guy for the better part of thirteen minutes, and all the sudden one jawbreaker and one (spot on) kick and he’s just as hurt as the other guy. He needs to watch that.

I went to the show to see the Dragon/Homicide match, and after, I would still like to SEEE that match. I did get to see the airplane spin spot.

This wasn’t a bad show. An easily mockable show, though. Which is always a plus. But Ringcrew Express vs Delirious and Golden Vampire Ocho is the match I’m sure Scott is most jealous he didn’t see.

Next show is May 14? I think? Don’t trust me, look it up on your own.

Edit: Attendance was A LOT. So many GA people roaming around. I know for a fact they sold every seat made available, because I bought the last one, because I was cold. (it makes sense in some way I could explain but shall not attempt at this time.)

Either that or they did a might good job of working me. Yeeha.

hoop squad


There’s an episode of Static Shock on with Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Steve Nash and Tracy Mcgrady as power rangers (more or less).

This has been a very strange day.

They didn’t get Nash’s hair right. It looks combed.

the turn


I keep forgetting to say this

Don Everest skill in life is to read people and figure out their plan based on little actual evidence. Of course he figured it out, that’s the thing he does. Of course they got beat – they went after his strength, and he shut them down.

The explaination need not be that complicated. Not to even mention the “lures the young bulls into the ring” bit. Because let’s not mention that.

I do like how he’s unable to relate to anyone except in a tortured metaphor.

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waiting for wayne


Wait, you actually get to the ticket window and you only buy 2? That’s like telling the genie he can keep wish 2 and 3.

I’d say about 20% of the people in Chicago are actually working normally today.

Been on since 9:30. No dice. Worried that I’m going to get in, but I’m going to be actually working (or surfing) and miss it.

Decided to risk it all and step out for lunch and got a busy signal on the phone number the 15 times I tried calling. And one of the computers I had waiting had crashed when I got back.

I think this is the first year the white sox tickets weren’t gone first, but I think weird things happen when the red sox win it all.

Killing time: Kyle Farnsworth has been replaced, suggests the mantle of Closer Of The Future be passed to vagabond Jermaine Van Buren. With that background, he’s more the Joe Borowski Of July, I’m thinking/hoping.

edit 1:37 Looks like the home opener, the other weekend sox game, and a STL game are gone too. Still not in. Somewhat heartened by only 7 games being gone (because it seemed like 25 were this way by this time last year), but kinda expecting a lot of games to start filling up quick.

split feed


Just noticed something: for the first game against the White Sox (05/20), the Cubs website lists WGN and Comcast picking up the game. How strange – I guess they’re going to try letting both annouce teams work a game for once. If ever you wanted to compare fan support…

(same is true for the 06/24 game)



argh. I hate this moment.

I’m at the moment in a project where everything is coming together and I may really be onto something; close to finishing a mini-project and understanding what I’m trying to do.

But I know as much as it may take me five minutes to figure out the missing piece, it may also take me till 3 AM to give up on it; even if I figure it out, the temptation to fine tune my work will keep me going long after the current stumbling block, and I know I’ll keep going until it’s perfect or i’m too tired to think (usually the former)

But it’d be so cool when it’s done – probably not to you, but to me, for being able to accomplish the project (even though it’s not anything generally neat and perhaps not even something people of this website will see), it’ll feel great to know that I can do it.

But by feeling great now – assuming I get that far – I know I’m trading feeling dead tommorow, and tommorow’s going to be a long long day as it is. And it’s not like the weekend is the 48 hours of sleep I wouldn’t mind it to be; gotta a lot to catch up from being home all of 3 weekdays this month, besides other obligations.

But I know my moments to work on things like this are fleeting at best – should I really waste one I know I have?


(thank the lord I don’t gamble.)

(tilt was not nearly as good this week.)


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I’m not reading any of the O’s/Cubs back and forths. Why would I. This makes for a lack of news to talk about.

I have a friend who’s as big a Moss fan as I am a Sosa fan. Haven’t heard from him yet. Not worried…yet. I think he probably likes the concept of the Raiders (and the division) but not the actual Raiders.

What do you not want to hear when your corner outfield positions should be open tryouts, and it’s the First Week Of Camp:

“At this point, there’s no room for an everyday player,” Baker said.

Re: Jerry Harriston Jr., but I’m thinking Jason better not get used to playing in March, because it ain’t happening the other months.

I’ve made the Nomar salary change on my own, but I’ll wait to post the next update till we start getting some cuts. It’s a weird deal, him getting some bonus money to start with, but I figure he wanted some extra cash for housing or something – plus, it’s not like he won’t lose much more than $250,000 in future earnings if he doesn’t make that 130 game plateau, so Nomar’s not really getting a deal here.

Speaking of:

Soccer moms, dads and kids should mark July 3 on their Cubs calender. The team will host a “Tribute to Mia Hamm” Day at Wrigley Field. Hamm, wife of Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, will be recognized for her accomplishments and accept a charitable donation from Cubs Care.

Before anyone calls this dumb, they gave out American Girl DOLLS last year and will again on 07/28. This is a million billion times better.

(warning: further pointless comments along lame Nomar/Mia joke lines may lead to ejection.)

They’re also jumping on a trend and doing a pink cap night on 09/17. Weird they’re going out of their way to appeal to women when really, they don’t need to go on their way to appeal to anyone.

Tickets go on sale at 10:00 tomorrow. I have no faith I’ll get some – I actually have no faith I won’t miss the time because of reasons outside my control (not that I believe the start time means all that much.) I’ll let you know what I get.

Updated the links: My plan is to do it every 21st, adding the new ones from Of course, it’s the 24th and I’m just getting around to it. I may need to go back and shorten some names, so if things are funkily formatted for a while, I’ll fix it.

Got some pretty obvious plans of automating things I did last year, but we’ll have to see if I can finish this mySQL book first.

undead animal magnetism


My Favorite Wrestling Couple don’t seem to be getting along at the moment

the Matt

I asked Kirby to temporarily take all pictures of Amy off the website for now. If you happen to run into Amy at an appearance, I think you should ask her why her pictures have been taken down.

Darn that homewrecker Kane.

No Way Out


Bonus PPV recap. I’d say this is a weird concidence surely not to be repeated, but I’m actually less worried about getting no recap for WM and more worried I’ll end up with three or something.

(and also if we’re doing a preview this year?)