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(a possibly ongoing series, depending how easily amused I am)

Thursday’s WO Update

K-1 English Press release

Kyle Manard on HBO Real Sports

Top Wrestling Books – Amazon

Top Wrestling DVDs – Amazon

AOL top searches of 2004. Note the affect of WSoP 2004; it jumped before it even started airing. It also jumped by so much, you should take the over on amount of particpants, no matter the line.

Couldn’t find the Blade 3/Aussie Christmas chart. Sorry.

Electric City – “Three Faces of Fame” (HHH interview)

Money Quote:

And the reason for such worship isn’t because Triple H is a “ring general” or because he has a build that mocks the statues of the gods. It’s because Triple H has always been known as the working man’s wrestler – the WWE’s Curt Schilling.

Kickboxing champ hacked to death


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Best of 2004 on OO


Over here on OO; though the harmonic converagence on the lead is almost worth going to the main page first. It’s also fun that I live on my own planet.

the king is dead. long live the king.


Mariotti, WMVP’s short marriage is over (ChiTrib)

[Jay] Mariotti said the station asked him to tone down his criticism of the Bulls and White Sox, whose games are broadcast on WMVP and whose contracts are close to expiring.

[Jay:] “I’m not going to compromise my integrity to do favors on the air for the White Sox and the Bulls. When they ask me to treat two teams differently than the others, that’s a red flag for me, and it has been happening quite a bit over the last few months.”

‘MVP refused comment; Jay

OELL, 12/05 (now with words)


What happens when Todd Gerth posts a recap of the Cicero OELL show, a few stray followup thoughts turns into an overly long recap, and I’ve forgetten my login? A live show text recap of the Aurora OELL show gets done.

(there’s a slightly fixed version of the photo recap, so the hover captions show up in Firefox.)

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raw thoughts


CHRIS BENOIT IS NOT CHRIS JERICHO. Although the match might’ve been up there. I know they were trying to stretch the time as far as possible, but Viscera being in the submission for 30 seconds when he’s losing on Heat is kinda iffy.

Like vacation days, Edge got in his second yearly Edgecation just under the wire. Good work.

They’re FROM THE UNITED STATES, you morons. Hassan equally – he should’ve had a response ready for that if it wasn’t the chant they wanted, so I don’t think we can really rip them for doing exactly what WWE wanted them to do. After that, they took a while to come up with a coherent chant. Here’s the article; they should’ve got a graphic, but the survey’s purposely misleading. JR DOWN! JR DOWN! I think it’s only good that they didn’t lay out Lawler in that it would only lead to a match.

Sure hope they were ready to pull the NYR ads should an upset happen.

If they were continuing the angle from two weeks ago, shouldn’t they have structured it so Batista “accidentally” beats Triple H’s time? Tough to be Rhyno.

HHH’s opponent has to be Shelton Benjamin.

Oh god no, not a debate. This can only end with someone embarassed. Which I kinda figured had to happen when King let it slip that it was JR’s birthday next week.

Only HHH can stare down each person. Only Orton can get up. Too bad Shelton can’t possibly win. JR has a horrible cadence. Win, back. Benoit’s one is coming back soon. Hey, HBK, just so we get all the main eventers together again. I think you need Kane, and we’ve got every main event since the split here, or something.

Week 17 playoff scenarios


(as best I can hash out; let’s see if they’re right in the morning. Also, it’s horrible to think you’re done, and then realize Seattle may be involved. NFC may be screwed up)

NFC playoff scenerios

If St. Louis loses versus the Eagles
– St. Louis is OUT (no more than 7 wins)
– Seattle wins the NFC West
– Minnesota is IN (can not be passed by two teams)
– Carolina is IN with a WIN or TIE (3-2-1 division record would beat NO’s 2-3-1)
– NO is IN with a Win

If St. Louis wins versus the Eagles

– Minnesota is in with a WIN, or STL LOSS or NO/CAR Tie
– Carolina is in with WIN and SEA win or MIN loss (beat STL in week 14, better NFC record [7-5] than MIN [5-7])
– New Orleans is in with a WIN and either a STL LOSS or SEA WIN, or STL WIN and MIN LOSS and SEA LOSS (beat STL in week 3, better NFC record [6-6] than MIN [5-7])
– St. Louis is in with a WIN and MIN LOSS (better NFC record [7-5] than MIN [5-7]), wins the NFC West with a WIN and SEA loss
– Seattle wins the NFC West with a WIN or STL Loss, wins the 5th seed with a LOSS and a MIN loss

While there’s a lot of qualifers there, SEA should beat a undermaned ATL squad pretty easily, making NO vs STL a play-in game. Since Seattle is in no matter what, there does leave a possiblity where they could have control over who they play first round, and if STL makes the playoffs instead of the CAR/NO winner, by throwing their game. Since it would probably result in one less home game and a matchup versus a team that’s already beaten them twice, I doubt it’ll come up.

AFC tie breakers

– NY Jets are in with a WIN, or BUF loss or tie, or DEN loss or tie
– Denver is in with a WIN, or a tie and a Buffalo tie, or Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Baltimore all losing, or by raising it’s SoV past JAX and BAL (.422 to BAL .492 to JAX, .508)
– Buffalo is in with a WIN and a DEN loss or tie
– Jacksonville is in with a WIN and a DEN loss and a BUF loss and either a BAL loss or keeping it’s SoV lead over BAL and tying or beating DEN (if DEN and JAX tie there but beat BAL, they go back to the head to head matchups, where JAX beat DEN in week 2)
– Baltimore is in with a WIN and a DEN loss and a BUF loss and Either a JAX loss and a greatest SoV than DEN Or a SOV greater than DEN and JAX.

Those last two, I’m a bit fuzzy.

I think, if JAX and BAL tie on SoV with everything else going their way, there’s not enough common games for that tiebreaker to work, so we’d go to SoS, which is equally close at .551 JAX to .571 BAL. Next is Best Combined Ranking in Points Scored and Points allowed, which goes to BAL right now, but only 16 to 22. I don’t know that it’s there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a situation that can take that tie all the way down to either the 8th tie breaker, Best Net Points in Confrence Games or the 9th tie breaker, Best Net Points In All Games. Which would mean the return of the less fair but fondly remembered “must outscore JAX/BAL by 72 points” playoff scenerio. Expect bewildered SportsCenter hosts at some point, regardless.

Keep in mine, DEN’s SoV is unlikely to go up greatly with a loss; their chances of passing JAX or BAL only exist because they’re playing to the two worst AFC teams and will actually be hurt with a win.

What’s really amazing here: with the exception of DEN vs IND (which should be a walkover for the Broncos and make BUF, JAX and BAL’s hopes moot), all of the important games happen at 1pm EST. Which actually makes the Broncos game spine tinglinging; unless Buffalo (in another walkover vs PIT), JAX (vs OAK), BAL (vs MIA) all lose, someone’s going to be glued to their television set, hoping Jim Sorgi and Dominic Rhodes can lead a huge upset. And if the Jets lose, which is a realistic possiblity since St. Louis will be playing for their own playoff lives if they win on MNF, and Buffalo wins, they might be in that slot instead. It’s very unlikely the game will be meaningless.

Velocity 12/25 and Heat 12/26



The two guys from TE3 – Johnny Nitro and Matt – sound like they’re doing pretty good. I don’t know if they’ll work in WWE’s strutcure, but I don’t think you can blame Al for bad booking.

That’s sorta why Maven hasn’t/won’t develop; if all you do is work 4-6 minutes matches, you really don’t get good at working longer matches. They should’ve challenged him, they should’ve put him in more feuds, they should’ve taken him off TV instead of leaving him on Heat for so long. The injuries hurt

Do we count Matt Morgan? He wasn’t a finalist. Is Kenny still working? Those non-winners seem to disappear quick.

Add: Heat. This didn’t deserve a seperate post. This didn’t deserve a recap, actually. But recapping an hour show in 36 minutes is always neat.

I have a Best of thing due for OO tommorow night, and I kinda haven’t gotten it started it yet. Eeek.

ALSO, if you want a reason to watch MNF tommorow, I’m up by ~14 points in the finals of my fantasy football league, and all that’s left is David Akers for my competition. Long field goals are especially bad for me. Missed extra points are especially good.

gimmick via insomina


Maven should be Simon Dean’s new tag team partner/celebrity spokesperson. Wouldn’t the Simon System explain the fab abs? Can’t you just imagine him doing the “this worked for ME!” smile? Doesn’t Hurricane & Rosey vs Simon & Maven sound like the quinessintial Heat Main Event/PPV Opener?

I’m busy, I’m tired, I’m trying to cut down on my usefullness…I want to write something, anything, perhaps even good, but it’s not in the cards.

I read the Watchmen for the first time. It was good. Artist really loved bloody noses.

That never happened!


Tanvir Raquib returns with the Good, Bad, and Ugly of 2004.

Spoiler: Gene Snitsky and Feely are both involved! But not with each other.

zoom zoom


My car is in the shop, maybe for the whole rest of the year! (and into next year.) It’s a very sad situation. This is just now to take care of the damage from the accident way back in October – they never reported the hitting me (losers), and their insurance had the usual misspellings in my name, and a wrong phone number, so we couldn’t get them to do anything right. It wasn’t till we got my insurance to step in till things finally started happening.

(between you and me, I screw up my cell phone number a lot – it’s similar to an old number i used to have, and the numbers are crunched up in my head – so it’s 50/50 that might have been my fault but shhhhhhh, don’t get me in trouble.)

What is cool is that I’m picking up a rental car on Tuesday night, I hope, and will get to make a mess in someone else’s car for a few weeks. It will be nice not to have a sliced spoiler and dented bumper. The novelty of tracking my mileage and guessing how much gas I had left in the tank kinda ran out a couple weeks ago, so a functioning fuel gauge will be helpful.

But I had just gotten my car checked up, and got it washed and it had a full tank o’ gas, and now it’s gone gone gone (for two weeks or more). (along with my cell phone charger, oops.)

At least I still have my fuzzy dice.