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nfl contracts


scrawled out on a piece on a notepad while I waiting for a crashed computer to finishing checking it’s disk. Not supposed to make sense; just a eureka moment of figuring out the hows and whys of things that were probably either obvious or boring minuta.

$15 million guaranteed signing bonus
$42.86 in salary for a one year deal (bonus can only be 35% of total payment – Madden)
$57.857 total

$7.5/2 year
$21.42 in salary each year
$28.93 total for each year

$5/3 year
$14.26 in salary each year
$19.26 total for each year

$3.75/4 year
$10.71 in salary each year
$14.46 total for each year

$3/5 year
$8.57 in salary each year
$11.57 total for each year

$2.5/6 year
$7.14 in salary each year
$9.64 total for each year

$2.1/7 year
$6.1 in salary each year
$8.2 total for each year

If you cut after two years, you save $36mil compared to a one year deal, and have more cap room to begin with.

far more likely they say

“We’ll give you $15 over the first two years, with X% signing bonus and the rest in nonguaranteed making the roster money. After that, we’ll try and keep you on (but we’ll probably cut you.)”, so the actual bonus is lesser and the resulting salary is even lower, creating more cap room. Press should only report bonus + next 3 year salary, the rest is accounting fun. Wish I knew of a football contract history page to establish it at three years rather than just guess.

Madden should probably have players going more ape over guaranteed money (which I’m spelling wrong and should spell check before pushing post – oh well), but even low levels of cap penalities can kill you, so ballon signing bonus paymens would mean a good fifth or sixth level of Salary Cap Heck. Maybe they need more free agents willing to take league minimuns? No 60+ guy will agree to that – maybe lower class free agency is the bigger problem.

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Velocity 11/27 & Heat 11/28


My line from Saturday Flag Football: 2 (? – not sure) tackles, 1 sack, 2 passes deflected, 1 reception dropped, 2 runs for 3 yards, 1 TD. We won 5-4 in a driving rain – think the OAK/DEN weather, but 15 degrees warmer and more wind.

A bit sore, though it sounds like less than most. And I spent the rest of the night and most of today fooling around.

So I’m thinking Velocity gets done around 10pm, as long as I don’t get too capitavated by Sunday Night Football (just waiting around for me to offically take the loss for my fantasy football team) and Heat about midnight. Go read Joe’s CMLL recap over on that blog and leave a comment while you’re waiting.

The ESPN Pass Track is dumb, I’m sorry. It was dumb when they did it for MNF too.

Edit 10:34

WWE Six Man Tags = usually Awesome.

Shannon as #1 contender = wildly awesome. There really should be some reward for dressing like that.

Edit 12:39Orton and Tomko didn’t make fools of themselves = success!

Edit 12:48 – I beat Justin by a whole 9 minutes!

Also, it’s weird seeing Flash-style Home Movies with their actual moving body parts and non-squiggling after watching all the Old School Home Movies.



There’s weird things and there’s seeing a Johnny Bravo show with the Conjunction Junction guy. Less so when it’s obviously a parody but this is still pretty odd when they work in Billy Ocean lyrics.

I (kinda) had today off. I kinda thought about catching up on a lot of stuff, and ended up just playing poker in the morning and watching lots of the Home Movies Season 1 DVD in the afternoon. And some terrible Madden somewhere in there.

Really exciting date, huh. DVD was really fun and I got about halfway thru. The only offputting thing is I got the DVD just after I got to see all this episodes on [adult swim], which kinda makes them less interesting to watch, but the commentary are entertaining on their own. The way Brendon Small talks negatively about Cartoon Network in other interviews, that might have not been an exact coincidence – especially with no DVD plugs while they were doing all the other DVD plugs.

Oh oh this is the Scooby Doo one. Now this all makes sense. Never mind.

(cmll recap about to show up)

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1 and 9

(loyola lost after I hyped them, so maybe I shouldn’t do these)

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Adam and Rebecca breaking up all about offically before the finish line is kinda neat; doing well usually is enough to patch things up, but Rebecca at least knows it’s over. Maybe because she settled it this early, it won’t be an ongoing source of tension – yea, no way. I don’t expect any team that did the “Diesel into Unleaded” thing to last long, but there’s worse teams.

I like how they’ve said the teams have to split the roadblocks this year, though they should’ve been louder about it. Too many people came off as hanger ons the last few seasons.

I watched the “Phil’s Diary” bit on It’s okay, but he doesn’t really add much new. News on his avoidence of cow dung isn’t quite worth the commerical, but it did clue me into lot of other short video clips they have that are extras to the show. I knew they were there, I just never think about checking them out.

Heat 11/21


Took long enough. Sorry.

My thought is that if a superstar is built around a natural attirbute – he’s really fat like Viscera, or he’s really big like Big Show, or he’s even really fast like Rey – where most other superstars at a huge disadvantage because that attribute affects the match, then they shouldn’t be doing matches where local unknowns get 2.5 comebacks in four minutes.

I guess a better way of saying that is if they’re going to do matches where Shelton or Jericho or whoever has trouble with Viscera because he’s so fat and only due win because they’re Superior Skilled Wrestlers, then Average Local Wrestler should get completely squashed, because they’re Unskilled Non-WWE Wrestlers.

Maybe Steamboat can talk to them about that? Maybe I’m off.

Which Jericho vs Steven was better? I’m thinking the last one.

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What an awesome crazy and decently warm snow it is, nicely. And I knew it was coming and didn’t think to get a hat or gloves, what a dork I am.

Not being able to find a decent picture to show you is probably the tipping point to me getting a digital camera.

Spent 7+ hours driving around to hit F1 yesterday (don’t ask), so glad I didn’t have to do that today. Will be catching up tonight and tommorow.

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your home for teams striving for the second round


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you I see


Got phone tree’d into the UIC/GTech tilt. I can not believe UIC is in this with only one of their Big Three hold overs from last year; Jimmy Collins recruiting must be better than I thought. In that it was more than one group of buddies. Hope the Flames win; more power to the rest of the conference.

Instead of taking care of Heat or some TV lucha just yet, I’m going to see if I can finally finish up my LLV write up while seeing if UIC can hold on. And the way the Aussie just tied and UIC blew the inbounds, this may just be about it.

Edit: Right when I was about to bail out on this, UIC started to come back. Quite awesome. GTech has to make it’s free throws for the style of ball it plays, and they’re not – they’re lucky they’re making just enough money balls instead.

TIE GAME! OMG! calling an audible

Edit 2: NO! If they could just have made a free throw. That’s the last time a ranked team goes the Pavillion.

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