batting order by career stats


Sosa hurt by being forced to bat sixthSanto Domingo’s “HOY”, via AP via ESPN

And by now, I don’t want to talk about ANY of it.

Awesome Google Translation: I know that I failed in something and I assure to you that I will request excuses for that reason, but really I felt very mistreated

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no no NO!


Steve Stone Resigns!


I really want to write a 5000 word rant about how this is the end of everything, how it says many bad things about the whole orginization and how the difference between SUCKING and NOT SUCKING can really come down to a Hallmark card,.

But I have to wake up in – oh crap, 4.5 hours – and I’m not exactly typing in my sleep here. So tommorow? Tommorow.

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DDT Digest is back up after bandwidth related down time. Bill’s posted my WCW US Title and WCW Cruiserweight Title histories. (No WWE-era stuff, because it’s hard to even pretend that was WCW now.)

I think I could do the Index thing for a few WCW years and use those to create the other title histories (I know you’re wondering about the Hardcore Title lineage) but now I have no baseball to watching while I’m doing it. Very very harsh.

OTOH, this means I have time to watch tapes.

(Cubs report on 02/18)

2004 world champion boston red sox


false alarm


(following up this)

Kiper, 44, ESPN’s long-time NFL draft expert, agreed to a new three-year contract Tuesday following drawn-out negotiations that nearly led to his departureUSA Today


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Done during a 4-0 game


2002 RAW Index (Post Split) – 80% done. Need to add PPVs and fill out the post CRZ month.

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one in eight-er, seven, chance for a million


There goes my pick. My guess now is it’s someone we didn’t pay attention coming in, but stands out on Tuesday/Thursday.

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Velocity 10/23, Heat 10/24


Heat and Velocity are up. I liked ’em better than other people did, but then I didn’t have the high of Experience to skew my reactions to rest of the weekend.

I alluded to this in the recap, but I expect they’ll be more stars (and/or more six man tag matches) while they’re running Tough Enough the next couple months. Diva Search didn’t have a huge effect because they always cut it down to one segment and no more twenty minutes, so you can adjust things and people only occasionally get busted down to Heat. If they’re going to dedicate two full/long segments to TE for a half hour each week (what they did this week), someone major is going to aced out of a spot on the big show for the duration.

Not every week is going to have Shannon Moore getting on SmackDown! instead of Kurt Angle, and we’d all be surprised (though happy) if they kept giving significant time to the Chavo/Kidman/London stuff instead of shuffling them off to Saturday, but if you’re making SmackDown! three quarters as long as before, only three quarters of the pushed guys are going to make it. I don’t expect they’ll turn this disadvantage into an advantage (“look! something’s happening on Velocity! I should check it out!”), but it’ll probably be an oddity when someone looks back at the lineups a year from now.

Women’s Title History is fixed thanks to the commenter and Michael – who’s got his own list here. In fact, he’s got his own lists of all the current WWE championships on his site, which kinda makes me wonder if I should bother continuing doing mine.

I don’t have any new information that he doesn’t (except for the links) and in some case, he’s got more info, and this isn’t like recaps where a different person doing it could add a different perspective; it’s people repeating the same data and some people (him) doing it better than other people (me.) There’s plenty of other stuff I could do if I dropped title histories (like some tapes over there staring me in the face), so maybe I’ll stop doing current stuff and work backwards more. I dunno.

Speaking of other things I could/should be doing, I finally added everyone who gave me 10 hits in a month to the link list over there. If Tan and Hobbes dead blogs are there, it’s the least I can do. You too can have a link on the website with the worst words/hits ratio possible.

Is suplexmasta supposed to have unreadably small font? Is it me?

Anyone got a good recommendation on a disposible camera? I can’t commit myself to getting an actual camera because I don’t know if I’d use much, but I haven’t used any of the one-time-use ones in quite a while.

IWA-MS 10/23


Scott caught IWA-MS’s anniversary show.

If your team is in the WORLD SERIES (if your team is in the playoffs!), you have to watch your team’s games, or you are not a fan.

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Slightly less than $1,000,000 Tough Enough


The [Tough Enough] contract, as noted before, is not a $1 million first prize, but a four-year contract at $4,808 per week. The #1 million is far from guaranteed. If the person quits, obviously, they stop getting paid. The WWE also has the contractual ability to cancel the contract after the first year, so it’s not a Mark Henry situation

-WON, 10/18/04

So, unless they’re convinced the guy is the next Rock and at that level right then, they’ll cut the winner and sign him to a more reasonable deal after one year. It’s not like he’s got any better choices.

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