Hector Garza


This story really hasn’t hit the “mainstream” wrestling media, so I’m gonna repeat it, correct a little bit and expand on it from over on the CMLL side.

The current main event angle in CMLL led to a six way cage match, with the last man out losing his hair, two weeks ago. Tecnicos/faces Perro Aguayo Jr. and Negro Casas were the last two in, and Aguayo took out Casas and fled for safety. This would normally be angle time, but CMLL doesn’t always follow up on things like this. Unrelatedly, in another match on another show, Vampiro broke his leg and will be out for a few months. But he had a top heel spot – part of that cage match – and so they needed a fill in on the rudo side.

Meanwhile, over in AAA, Hector Garza was upset with AAA promoter/sometime TNA persona Antonio Pena, allegedly for keeping Garza’s TNA pay for himself. Since lucha contracts tend to be very fungible/open things in Mexico, Garza jumped to CMLL to fill the spot, taking Vampiro’s spot on the rudo side of a tag match. (Garza ended up abandoning his partners – but helping fellow recent ex-AAA-er Aguayo turn on Negro Casas as well.) Garza’s also said some not so nice things about Pena in the press, after his move.

The point is, Garza, who’s captian of Team Mexico and still listed as such on TNA’s website, is no longer in AAA. (His AAA profile has been pulled.) After CMLL management (repeatedly) no-showed meetings with TNA, TNA’s said it’ll only deal with AAA for any lucha guys. So Hector Garza should be on his way out…

However, there’s another line coming out that Garza’s got his own individual deal, not signed thru AAA, and he’ll be able to keep on working there. And you’d think AAA wouldn’t be happy with that and threaten to pull out if TNA doesn’t honor it’s talent exclusivity agreement. Either way, it’s hard to imagine Garza and AAA co-existing.

Except – there’s been no talk about a possible situation here, except from lucha people in the know about Garza’s jump. I guess it could be fairly possible TNA doesn’t know anything’s up and won’t know anything’s up till all the parties arrive (or don’t arrive) on Wednesday. But I do expect something to come about from this, rather soon.

(There was also an Observer comment about people starting to get the same bad impression from Heavy Metal as they did Juvi. So maybe two members of Team Mexico would have to be changed.)

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  1. That’s a whole lot more coherent than what I got from translating the article at the Ovaciones website through Altavista.

  2. Garza didn’t appear. But neither did Team Mexico. So huh.

    That article says Pena wants a booking fee from anyone who books Garza, because he still considers him his wrestler. CMLL will likely to take it to court, to annoy AAA if no other reason.

    (I always forget to check Ovaciones; they don’t actually keep archives, so if you don’t check ’em daily you don’t end up with much.)