Quick Random RAW Thoughts


I don’t know what was bizarrely more amusing about the long tag match; JR randomly saying Diamond Cutter, Edge bringing back the wacky figure four variant with the dumb name (no, really, an Edge move with a dumb name!), or “he’s a got the heart of a lion”. I bet Edge was telling Orton “between the two of us, there’s no way we make it out of our match in one piece.” They should just make it a stretcher match so one’s out there if/when they need it. Crowd should get a billion points for doing the Y 2 J chant with the siren.

How long till the Mitchell column where Eugene is Vince? Eugene as a boss is such a set up for inside jokes, it had to be designed that way.

Grenier was really feeling the anthem tonight. I’m tremendously disappointed we didn’t have a Rhyno and Sgt. Slaughter skit to set up their tag team. Looks like you lost on the tag team finisher name. I was shocked Rhyno and an old man weren’t able to outdo Hurricane and Rosey.

Main event was good but not great.

I wonder if WebMD has anything about “how soon can you do a DNA test on an unborn child?”

6 Responses to Quick Random RAW Thoughts

  1. Au Revoir is known by too many non-Frenchies. I figured Denoument was more exclusive, snottier, and therefore the better name for a heel tag team.


  2. Which is the stupider name for Edge’s leglock? Edge calls it the “Edgucation” while JR calls it the “a sort of modified submission.”

  3. I always thought it was the “Edgecution” [“execution”] when he first started using it.

    JR obviously is screwing up the fact that Tajiri pointed out long ago, that Edge had “the hair of a lion.”

  4. edgecution was the implant ddt… the leglock is edgeucator/figure-4Edgelock IIRC

  5. Figure four variation my ass, it’s a high-angle STF. If Edge added the full nelson, it would be a “queen angelito stretch” as its known as in the SD! video games.