GAB Quick Thoughts

  • 2 (Rey, Mordecai) for 6 predictions.
  • The early lineup was 2 (sorta) of 8 right, so at least I beat that. Chavo Classic leaving explains why there was no Chavos/Rico/Haas tag team title match. I think they’ve given up on Jindrak – or at least don’t see him as anything more than a background character. The Cena/Booker vs RVD/Rene got smushed into one match, and it might have been better if they hadn’t, just to prevent other stuff from being filler.
  • Bradshaw vs Eddie has been an interesting TV feud – when it has been interesting, it hasn’t been because of any interaction between them, it’s been Eddie doing Eddie things and Bradshaw being ticked off about CNBC. They’d be insane to drag (and I mean DRAG) it out another seven weeks.
  • Knowing that, I’m surprised they didn’t take the US Title off Cena, and maybe they will in the near future. Without doing a title switch on TV, I think the best SD! part of the SummerSlam card is JBL/Cena, Eddie/Undertaker or I guess Mordecai, Undertaker/Heyman or a wrestler stand in. Though I don’t know if Cena should win the big title so soon and I don’t know that he should get another big loss, so there’s a problem.
  • Watch free TV to get the explanation about the PPV ending? They’re stealing from TNA! How rude.
  • Chavo and Rey getting all that time probably is more a result of not wanting to do a lot of time for a lot of stuff on the show. It’s nice to dream. For self-assuming/boring content purposes, I actually grabbed all the SD! show dates from now till SummerSlam to What If a WWE Super J tournament, but I found out there’s a lot of shows, and it’s possible they haven’t announced the last few yet. Plus they like to cancel things. Plus it’s fantasy booking. Plus I haven’t gotten to it.
  • I don’t think there’s anything that happened that people are going to be kicking themselves for not seeing.
  • It probably wasn’t feasible because of HBK’s schedule, but they really should’ve made the HitC PPV the last of this three in four weeks PPV bit. Because I could see someone
  • They should’ve built up the Bull Rope match more than “hey! it’s a object you can hit someone with!” before Sunday. Like, instead of Holly nonsensically beating Jindrak, his arrogance catches up to him and a smaller person catches him by surprise for a three count, then they do a Bull Rope example match the next week, with Jindrak’s power/size giving him a huger than normal advantage because of the gimmick, which plays into Bradshaw/Eddie.
  • I wonder how giving away the show free to military is going to affect the buy rate numbers. The deal is, if you want it for free, you buy it like normal and send your bill in. Does that mean it’ll show up as a buy when they do the numbers?
  • Either way, it’s still going to be the lowest number in some time.

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  1. I want to know who this “you and I” are that Scott Christ is referring to when he claims fans know Tazz’z “rear-naked choke” as “THE CHINLOCK.” I know it as something far more ninjular.

    That’s a word.