4.5 Earthquake


Right when I started that GAB post, I thought my room started to shake. I thought something must’ve exploded in the garage below or a plane was flying really low overhead (there’s a small airport near here) or something, because it kinda felt like what an earthquake would feel like, but obviously there couldn’t be an earthquake in the Chicago area. I did quickly scan ChiTrib and the gov’s earthquake site and saw nothing, so I figured I just lost my mind for a second there.

Turns out, no. 41 miles away. How completely bizarre. I hope this doesn’t mean the earth is splitting open to swallow us whole, because I’d find that unfortunate.

One Response to 4.5 Earthquake

  1. I felt just a little bit of it at about 3am eastern. It was one rumble and then another one. And I thought maybe I was high but it’s good to see I wasn’t.