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It’s 2! I’ve actually got to do stuff today and am busy! Well, not really do as much as stand and watch and think “I could do this five hundered times faster? Why am I here? Why do I have to stand when my foot hurts?” but you’d really have to be here to understand.

Luckily, all night games.

I think, now, I’ve got the person style I actually wanted to emulate:

Best Game Of The Day
CHC (39-30) vs STL (41-28)
Greg Maddux (6-5, 3.91) vs Jason Marquis (6-4, 4.26)

This is the battle for the NL Central, for now. Cubs lead the season series slightly, 6-5.

As I mentioned previously, earlier in this season I thought it might be doubtful Greg Maddux would get to 15 wins for in another consecutive season, as he was pulling off a decided lack of Ws. He’s picked them up more often lately.

2004 Wins/ERA
APR 1/5.65
MAY 3/3.54
JUN 2/2.21 (with 2 starts to go)

Maddux has also had a rep as a slow starter this last few seasons. So was his early win totals pretty similar to previous years?

2003 Wins/ERA
APR 3/5.13
MAY 1/4.63
JUN 2/4.74
JUL 3/3.60
AUG 4/2.25
SEP 3/3.18

2002 Wins/ERA
APR 2/4.37
MAY 4/2.15
JUN 1/3.10
JUL 3/1.46
AUG 1/2.54
SEP 5/2.91

2001 Wins/ERA
APR 2/2.48
MAY 2/2.54
JUN 5/2.13
JUL 5/2.82
AUG 3/4.08
SEP 0/5.19

Sorta. He’s got 6 now, and he’s had 7, 7, and 9.

But the larger picture is the yearly high win totals come from constant good months with a varying amount of help, and a lot from the one month you’re good and everyone else around you helps too. So even if he wasn’t on pace right now, you’d have to give him the leeway of having that W filled stretch down the road until he’s proven he can’t do it.

That April ERA has gone up every year.

Worst Game Of The Day
DET (31-37) vs KCR (26-40)
Maroth (5-4, 4.23) vs Gobble (3-4, 4,81)

Maroth would have to have one of the more spectacually bad last 15 weeks of the season to lose 20 games for the second straight year. I think it’s a safe assumption this isn’t going to happen. Is he actually pitching better this season, or is he just getting better support from the hitting and the bullpen?

SN W/L %
2003 .391
2004 .570

That’d be a Yes.

Currently, Maroth ranks as second most hurt by his bullpen in 2004; he should probably have another win if he got decent help. He was thirteenth last year, and I wonder if that means the bullpen has been worse for him or if it’s just more of a factor because everything else has turned around for him.

It’s nice to be confirmed 20 Losses does not neccesary mean the end of a pitcher’s usefulness, and perhaps in the future managers might follow Trammell’s lead and just let them pitch with 19Ls.

Closest Game Of The Day
OAK (38-30) vs ANA (38-31)
Tim Hudson (7-2, 2.78) vs Bartolo Colon (4-6, 6.04)

Can’t get much closer than that. Well, if OAK had played and lost one more game.

The rivalary between these teams will likely go down to the wire for the AL West crown. While no one outside of the Lone Star State actually believes the Rangers are in this race for the long run, by playing better than any of three also runs in the AL East, it’s going to make it hard for the Wild Card to come from a left coast.

Unlike other divisions, they’ll mostly get to settle it on the field.

OAK @ ANA 06/22-06/24
ANA @ OAK 06/29-06/30
no July
no August
OAK @ ANA 09/24-09/26
ANA @ OAK 10/01-10/03 * Last Day Of the season

In between those last two series, OAK gets a four game versus Seattle (who perhaps might’ve come around to throwing in the towel on the season by then) and ANA gets TEX.

Lopsided Game Of The Day
PHI (36-31) vs MON (22-45)
Brett Myers (5-3, 4.14) vs Livan Hernandez (3-7, 4.42)

Expos As Bizzaro Team, Part 34 In A Never Ending Series: On any other team, or perhaps with any other man, isn’t Frank Robinson fired by now? The bottom fell out on a team that hasn’t always lived up to expectations and certinatly shouldn’t be this bad this season. Three years is usually all the time an ownership group is willing to give to a medicore manager, and Robinson’s results have been well below medicore this season. Not to mention the players all hating him.

Did everyone catch up to Livan this year? Did he just get old between trips to San Juan? He was having an all time great hidden pitching season, but the easy numbers don’t seem to support it this year.

SN W/L %
2003 .647 (should’ve been 16-9, was 14-10)
2004 .647 (should’ve been 7-4, is 3-7)

Dead on. Can you believe it? He’s the unluckiest starter in the NL this year. (Zach Day is 6th)

Perhaps, since the Expos should be ready to move, this is the guy the Dodgers and the White Sox of the world should go after.

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WWE Quareterly Investor Teleconfrence – Meltzer

No time to talk, but they actually had a lot of intersting/new info on it for once.

The tell that house show business in the US is bad is when they go out of the country to do shows, so the numbers must look really bad if they’re taping TV out of the country.

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Next person, whoever, who regales me with another stupid tale about how when they were in college, they had to use these things called “punch cards” gets punched straight in the nose.

Every single person of a certian age tells the same story about the same punchcards and “technology sure has changed!” is about as a boring story as they come and then they forget they told me and tell me the whole stupid pointless story again and then forget and do it AGAIN and by then I’ve got to leave the room before a multiple homicide takes place.

“And if you’d leave a space in the wrong place, the program wouldn’t work!!!!!” Wow, I’m so unfamiliar with that concept. At all.

It’s a wonderous combination of being annoyed with PUNCHCARD stories – which peoble can’t contain themselves from telling you about if you work in the right jobs, like people constantly telling a cook about some chocolate chip cookies they made in 9th grade home ec – and those who tell me a story and completely forget about telling me it so they tell me it again next being a pet peeve. Lots and lots and lots of hate.