Remlinger > Dubois


Cubs 4, Astros 1.

You know, batting Remlinger in the 8th is something I’d do in a video game to help a guy get a free save; even if he gets a hit, he still came in when it was a save situation.

It’s also completely ludicrous if your sole goal is to win the game, because you may need that run.

It’s amusing to spin it in the “Dusty really HATES the rookie hitters” angle, but I don’t think that’s what it was. Bullpen is still an issue and probably will be till the off day on Monday, and he probably wanted to avoid using another pitcher if he could. Still, risky, but Dusty’s never won to manage to based on controversy.

I’m not sure if Corey’s catch or Berkman’s was more impressive, but they were both pretty neat. Corey laying down the bunt the last couple weeks, and successfully even!, has been a neat trend.

A month ago, I was thinking Maddux might not get to 15 wins, but the way he’s rolling lately, that shouldn’t be a big problem. He’s just barely on pace (14.95 wins), but he’s pitching a lot better than he did early.

Four straight against the Astros would be a pretty nice statement.

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