Impact #1


Impact! Scott’s got a quick turnaround!

I’ve watched two segments so far, and my favorite part is the big three way dive that was supposed to blow us away to start the show got totally AAA’d and missed by the cameras. I guess when you’ve got one day turn around, editing is out of the window. Using the FoxBox is a nice touch though.

I’m dying to know who the judge is. Except probably if/when I find out.

Edit: Yes.

I’m all the taste with half the fat.


Feely watched SmackDown! I conked out for the night after the opening segment. Which is not to say the segment was really awful, though it wasn’t…good? It didn’t make me want to see Cena/Booker more than I intially did.

I think I’m going to have to watch just to see Rey do the Dupree dance. There was an awesome bit where he did the Alex Wright dance after beating him on Worldwide, so maybe he just loves the dances of Europeans.

Intersting where they cut out the show compared to the live version.

I’m distracted, because Prior is pitching. Prior is still working on giving up his first baserunner of the season, and he’s been thru the order once Can’t get my (horribly lagged anyway) Gameday Audio to work. What a day.