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Gary Scott sang for the 7th Inning Stretch today.

I guess the black cat and the goat were both busy.

Edit: As a make up, Steve and Chip did the mini-version of their “Don’t slide into first, you moron!” rant. Always nice of them.

RAW 05/30


Scott’s RAW recap is up.

I like how the TEAM beat the 2 Individuals, because they set up the story nicely. I also like how Coach was thrilled to outsmart the mentally challenged. And I find the whole build for Kane/Benoit eh.

One of my ongoing ideas I never actually do is to screen cap headshots of all the refs so you know don’t get your Jack Doan and Chad Patten’s confused, and then the whole world can be alerted when they let us know what Chris Kay’s name is but I don’t have any easy access to caps right now.

your late super J update


Check the standings. Curry Man forfeited to Heat. But a win’s a win, so I didn’t bother indicating it in anyway. And Heat totally would’ve won anyway. Maybe they can settle it in LA? That’d be a wonderful story for a match for the opening taping if Heat barely made it into semi-finals because of this win and ended up winning the trophy.

I can’t believe Dragon lost to MA-G-MA. I thought he’d need to be perfect before he hit his Liger/Kakihara/Kanemoto stretch of death, so that loss looks to give him some high odds.

Curry’s forfeit eliminates him. Garuda was actually already eliminated. Rocky, the last guy to get on the board, would to win out, Tiger Mask to lose out, and either Dragon or Heat to lose out. But he’s still in for one more day. Everyone in Block A still has a chance, I believe.

Speculation has Curry Man’s injury being a work to allow Chris Daniels to appear on the NWA-TNA PPV and the first TV show this week. He is not booked for their Thursday night/our Friday morning show, but if he were to fly back and forth, might be back in Japan in time for the PPV.

Shocking predictions:
Kakihara d. MA-G-MA
American Dragon d. Taguchi
Naruse d. Nakajima

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