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oh my god. PTI is spending Five Good Minutes with Kenny Mayne. This is as good as the guy who combined chocolate chips with cookie dough.

Even the fact that I couldn’t possibly care about horse racing except for the three minutes when the horses are running can’t ruin this. Him forgetting who won the Super Bowl slightly does, but I can get over that if you can get over that.

What a wonderful 100th post. I needed to get past that mental block anyway.

Justin Credible charging $10 for photos and having it WORK is one of the greatest scams I’ve ever seen


Ring of Honor in Chicago Ridge (04/23/04) Road Report, provided without further comment because I’m tired and have to be awake for at least 5 more hours.

only heels know we’re in Chicago Ridge


Went to the ROH show. Quick results now – let’s see if I get names right . Thoughts when I’m awake again.

  1. BJ Whitmer (w/o) d. Ace Steel – Briscoes ran in before the match to beat down Steel and Punk and Cabana made the save to heat up that match. Post match, BJ laid out Ace with a steel chair to the head.
  2. Chad Collyer d. John Walters
  3. Justin Credible/Masada d. Shawn Daivari/Delirious (Masada pins Daivari, I think)
  4. Nigel McGuiness d. Jimmy Rave, Austin Aries and Rocky Romero (Nigel pins Rave)
  5. Homicide d. Bryan Danielson

    Intermission here

  6. Ricky Reyes d. Danny Daniels
  7. Jack Evans and Matt Sydal d. Alex Shelly & Jimmy Jacobs, Loc & Devito, and Dunn and Marcos (Evans pins Jacobs)

    Shelly turned on Jacobs post match.

  8. Samoa Joe d. Matt Stryker to keep the ROH Title
  9. CM Punk & Colt Cabana d. Jay and Marc Briscoe to win the ROH Tag Team Titles (Punk pins, uh, one of them)

    Whitmer runs in post match, and takes a return chair shot from a making-the-save Ace Steel

aol ruins everything


This morning, I start up Radio@Netscape, and they want me to upgrade to a new version, and this version is going to expire if I don’t. So I do.

The new version, looks bad (far less professional looking), the sound quality’s dropped (I don’t have normally have an ear for these things, so that’s how stunning the change was) and the buttons you click don’t actually respond the first time you click them. But it has more room for ad banner space, so mission accomplished.

It’s still music, and free music, and I still get the stations I want so I go along with it. I take off my headphones for a while to do other stuff, and when I come back, the music stops. Which isn’t unexpected, because the old version would prompt you ever 31 or 51 songs to check if you were still there and perhaps looking at their ad banner.

Except that’s not the prompt. According to the new prompt, I’ve reached my limit of free music for the day (at two hours?) and if I want more, I have to pay for AOL Broadband to listen for any more than that per day.

What a rip – from “really good, as long as you want (to click)” to “eh, for two hours” with no warning. Need new music again. Time to bebop around on and listen to music from Alaska.

94 Express


A list: Things that happened to me on Wednesday

  • the alarm went off, but the radio people were annoying so I turned it off.

  • so I overslept.
  • because I overslept, someone else had to move my car (as I was hurriedly getting ready) so a painter could get into my garage
  • while moving my care, that person snapped off my passenger side mirror on the way out of the garage, screwing up the garage door track as well
  • I had to drive 2h45m, all highway, lots of passing cars, and one less mirror
  • and it was raining off and on
  • After listening to crappy sports radio (to wake me up some more via anger), I decide to listen to my reburned CD. All goes well for about 40 minutes – and then the CD Player won’t play my CD for more than 5 seconds without a 30 second pause. (I endorse Milwaukee’s 102.1, by the way)
  • and then I realize my wallet is sitting on the couch at home, and I’m far far away from there now
  • And then I get to where I’m going, where I’m supposed to install a hard drive. This computer where I sit will keep beeping till it’s installed, and maybe it’ll lose all the data if we don’t get it in there soon. Dell sent it. to me. I open the box it came in. Packing list says “HD, 19GB”. It’s not a hard drive. It’s a tape drive. Dell thinks this is kinda funny.
  • I have nothing else to do at this location that I couldn’t have done from places lots closer to home. I fool around and kill time and take care of little issues no one would even bother to care about, before checking out at 4
  • It’s rained some more.
  • 2h45m back the other way! CD Player still hates me.
  • and the tape covering the busted plastic starts to loosen, and bits of plastic are falling off my car. So I have to stop in the middle of nowhere to fix that
  • I get to downtown Milwaukee just in time for the downtown evening Downtown Milwaukee Traffic Jam For No Obvious Reason
  • I get near O’Haire just in time for a “we’ll all slow down to look at the car on the shoulder there” jam.
  • O’Haire’s toll is 40 cents. I throw in a quarter, a dime, and a nickel. Somehow, this does prompt the gate to go up. Free bonus quarter for IDOT!
  • The tape starts coming off again, but I’m ten minutes from home and don’t care any more
  • and my garage is so full of ladders and paint supplies, I can’t park and get to the stairs to the house without some creative climbing. (I think I couldn’t have actually made it that far if my mirror hadn’t been clipped off, so there’s an upside there.)

    So. Good day. Cubs were awesome. Try again tomorrow.

    There’s a rumor I may watch wrestling live in person on Saturday with Internet-type people. I can not confirm nor deny this at the moment.

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    tape and gum


    Fixed some more things
    – the issue with the articles.xml feed showing the wrong “time since posted” is fixed. It may still be off when listing the time done (everything is listed by Greenwich Mean Time – which is why sometimes things are listed as done tommorow when it’s still today) but I think it’ll work if you have your time zones set up right/
    – lots of links in title histories where the article on this site got moved around
    – a botched link back to the main page on a lot of stuff. Probably missed a few, so I’ll set up a redirect link to correct that (and maybe with the old CMLLBlog location, because there’s still some traffic there)

    Probably some other little things I’ve got to do, but they’ll wait till later.

    read without the lines


    Yes! I fixed the problem with the disappearing text – apparently one should not trust the line height tag. If you’re still getting text that seems to disappear and reappear depending on when you scroll, let me know.

    I forgot to mention Joe’s blog. Visit! I think my top Tiger Woods scores are 52, 53, 53, 56 but my game is in the possession of an evil doer who does not respond to my text messages right now, so I’m not sure. St. Andrews is such the low scoring place once you juice your golfer up to the 110% – unless the wind is going against you, so many of the Par 4s become easy to reach on one, and the greens are always easy.

    The courses that still gave me trouble were the Predator (too much jungle and too desiring to cut corners when that’s really not going to work), the Aussie Open course (small fairways and a couple holes where I just have a mental block and hit it into out of play gorges) and the British coastal created one whose name I’m blanking on in the moment (weird situations, trick shots – the hole where you shoot through an aqueduct is near impossible to par). Maybe I never got far enough, but I’ve never figured out why the Antarctic course isn’t part of the World Tour or the PGA Tour – seems odd. That’s a tough one too. I love Black Rock Cove; I think that course sold me on the game.

    This does remind me to ask Seadawg when he wants to play NCAA again. Or maybe we need to compare game lists again and see what else we can do. I should post my when they’re in front of me and I’m not writing and Poker playing and Game 7 watching.

    You know I marked out at Matt making the save. Ooooh, a chokeslam, what a sacrifice. Hope for fun followup.

    Ugh. Hit a straight on the flop. Went all in. Two guys went with me. Big pot. One had two pair. The other had a flush. Welcome to #284.

    I almost forgot to mention: Toryumon is going to run one of their semi-annual shows in Mexico City’s Arena Coliseo on 5/16. What’s the main event?
    Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Tarzan Boy, Super Crazy vs Vampiro, Taiji Ishimori, Hiromi Horiguchi and Ultimo Dragon
    My booking powers have gone international, Scott.

    oh wow game 7 overtime

    titleless title


    I said When I Wake Up but I forget to say And Then Thirteen Hours After That, give or take. Don’t look at me like that. I had stuff to do!

    Get a new cell phone (which is the sucky non flip top kinda, but it was either that or pay an extra $150 to be able to flip and I don’t want to flip that bad – I did get insurance on the phone this time), clean out a room that’s being painted tomorrow maybe, deposit my one dollar check, go to the dealership to get an oil change, figure out what to do when the dealership is closed on Sundays, that sorta stuff.

    And watch a lot of TV. So so important.

    I just watched the Ripping Friends for the first time. You’re waiting for the funny part to come, and then you’re waiting, and then you’re waiting and then you’re just kinda bored with the whole thing. The Yogi Bear take off thing the same guy did was a lot the same, where it was really strange but not funny or even that entertaining. Maybe it gets better after the pilot? Maybe I don’t stick around to find out? I dunno. Between that and the Oblongs, there’s an hour there I can skip if I’m willing to miss out on the commercial shorts.

    Seriously, though, they couldn’t have just thrown on two Space Ghost episodes tonight? The mini horse deals were fun but not enough.

    Okay, now I’m watching the Popeye show instead of doing anything. This is getting sorta sad.

    CD Update – my Big Brat mp3 was messed up so I need to reborn that CD. And make another one for this week, so I’m already looking for song and not finding anything good. Kazaa is a worthless pile of faked and corrupted MP3s incredibly frustrating, so I’m using other stuff now. I mean, bad MP3s are the cost of doing business at this point, but they’re still really annoying.

    I need to see Chris Hero. I also need to find a good book to read and time to do it. Perhaps instead of watching random cartoons.

    I didn’t mention the end of Home Movies – outside of when I complained about the choices Cartoon Network was making – because, well, I didn’t really dig it. Brandon made a comment along the lines of hating to writing endings, and it felt like real life Brandon was living that out. It was like they were trying to hard to say something, or even just find something to say, instead of being funny, at least as funny as they were in other episodes.

    It’s one of the rare times where you don’t want the writers to be conscious that This Is (Probably) It and adjust accordingly; I think I would’ve enjoyed just another edition of Mellisa, Jason and Brandon making their movies instead of expounding on endings and the camera getting broke.

    It’s still on my TiVo, in the “stuff I can’t bear to delete because I risk never seeing them again” section, so maybe I’ll watch it again and change my mind.

    The Peanuts dancing gag, that was pretty funny.

    I got MVP Baseball Tuesday on the way home, and I’ve played it like twice. Since all my friends and me do is play multi-player franchise mode on Madden, it’s a tremendous disappointment that MVP doesn’t have the same abilities. Why wouldn’t they do that by now in all games? I wasn’t expecting them to just be that far along, I was expecting them to be able to do that sort of thing on-line by now, seeing as I have/had PC games ten years ago that could do that.

    Top 4 Ultimo matches ranked without having rewatched any of them or having put a rating on them at the time

    Ultimo/Funaki vs Matt/Shannon (6:18), 09/06/03
    Rey/Kidman/Ultimo vs the FBI (10:20), 10/25/03
    Ultimo/Funaki vs WGTT (7:45), 02/07/04
    Ultimo vs Chavo (8:39), 03/20/04

    Best Ultimo vs Shannon: Ultimo vs Shannon (6:16), 01/31/04

    Somedays I think it’s best if I don’t watch the Cubs games. But then Ron and Pat can drive you insane.

    ten years


    As promised, Velocity is over there.

    Dusty Baker is really having an awful series as far as managing goes.

    Before I continue to forget – Tom Roche remembers how Space Ghost got started.

    They’re celebrating tonight on Adult Swim.

    I should respond to comments when I wake up.

    A list


    So the rumor is that we’ve (I’m speaking of us here who watch Velocity, because c’mon) seen the last of Ultimo Dragon in WWE for at least now, as he’s taking a leave of absence after this taping, and possibly for good, because the paycheck’s the only thing left to come back for and how good can that be these days?

    Ultimo Dragon WWE TV Matches

    1. Ultimo vs Shannon (4:55), 06/26/03
    2. Ultimo vs Eddie (3:34), 07/10/03
    3. Ultimo vs Noble (2:14), 07/17/03
    4. Ultimo vs Kanyon (4:07), 07/27/03
    5. Ultimo vs Nunzio (5:18), 08/02/03
    6. Ultimo vs Shannon (5:03), 08/09/03
    7. Ultimo/Funaki vs Matt/Shannon (6:18), 09/06/03
    8. Ultimo/Funaki vs WGTT (7:44), 09/13/03
    9. Ultimo/Funaki vs Joey Matthews and Jasoc Picaro (6:00), 09/27/03
    10. Ultimo vs Tajiri (3:11), 10/09/03
    11. Ultimo vs Joey Mathews (5:10), 10/18/03
    12. Rey/Kidman/Ultimo vs the FBI (10:20), 10/25/03 
    13. Ultimo vs Rey Mysterio (2:40), 10/30/03
    14. Ultimo/Noble vs Tajiri/Nunzio (6:57), 11/06/03
    15. Ultimo/Funaki vs WGTT (5:05), 11/15/03
    16. Ultimo vs O’Haire (4:48), 11/22/03
    17. #1 Contenders Battle Royal (2nd out), 11/27/03
    18. Ultimo vs Tony Salantri (3:22), 12/13/03
    19. Ultimo/Kidman vs Akio/Sakoda (5:36), 12/20/03
    20. Ultimo vs Shannon (5:54), 01/17/04
    21. Ultimo/Funaki vs Bashams (5:47), 01/24/04
    22. Ultimo vs Shannon (6:16), 01/31/04
    23. Ultimo/Funaki vs TWGTT (7:45), 02/07/04
    24. Ultimo vs Shannon (5:10), 02/14/04
    25. Ultimo/London/Kidman vs Tajiri/Sakoda/Akio (5:35), 02/15/04
    26. Ultimo/Kidman/Rey vs Akio/Sakoda/Tajiri (4:41), 03/04/04
    27. Ultimo/Funaki/Kidman/Rey vs Tajiri/Sakoda/Akio/Noble (7:02), 03/11/04
    28. Cruiserweight Open (2:15), 03/14/04
    29. Ultimo vs Chavo (8:39), 03/20/04 
    30. Ultimo vs Nunzio (6:07), 04/17/04

    If this is it, of all the memories I’ll have of the Ultimo Dragon WWE era, the second best one will be how they had the analysts dogged him for not doing enough to connect to the fans in his first few months, then after he started doing what they wanted, started dogging him for doing too much stuff for the crowd.

    My top memory will be what’s missing from that list.
    – Longest singles match with Mysterio: 2:43
    – Longest singles match with Noble: 2:14
    – Longest singles match with Tajiri: 3:11
    – Longest singles match with Kidman/London/Spanky: N/A, no match

    Ultimo wasn’t the same guy he was before the arm injury, but that’s obviously not something that was ever fair to expect. But he was stellar in many of those tags, and certainly wasn’t embarrassing himself in the singles. So the reason they went out of their way not do Ultimo vs the Top Guys for any significant time is…I’ll get back to you after I find out how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop. Maybe Ultimo insisted on having that match against Shannon as many times as possible?

    All together, I wish he had somehow stayed in CMLL – he stopped over for a couple dates in Mexico City before heading north – for a few months rather than come to the WWE for six. CMLL is historically cheap, so the concept is sorta ludicrous – but then, so was what happened here.

    Velocity seems headed for a 2AM CST appearance.