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Read Scott’s Raw Recap

Then read Justin’s Raw Recap. Thanks for the plug.

I’m gonna fall asleep. I feel quite sick.

the littles


One more time: BOOYAH. That was Grade A “we scheduled this an hour too long to milk the ratings and now have way too much time to fill.” I think nothing before the very last segment was live, which is at least good for Tony. Tony LIED to me about Kenny Mayne being on the show. Or maybe they just misled him, who knows.

What I loved is that I waited around a half hour to watch the Press Your Luck salary game, decided they were saving it for the final half hour, and ended up missing it. BOOO.

The winner gets to do the afternoon SportsCenter. And then both night ones. So if you’re in the mood for rookie screwups now that Jindrak’s on Thursdays, Monday is your day!

Oh yeah Heat and Velocity. I need to talk more about that and deny horrible accusations about my secret love for Scotty 2 Hotty. Here’s how you rank the Cruiserweights:

Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Chavo Guerrero
Ultimo Dragon
Shannon Moore
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Scotty 2 Hotty
Spike Dudley

As much as I love Shannon, Ultimo shouldn’t be in the same group with him. That’s an Ultimo problem. Chavo eeks out the top group. Funaki is great but Funaki makes Kidman look like a dynamic character. Kidman has the always fun “MY LEFT ARM IS ABOUT TO FALL OFF!!!” sell while Funaki doesn’t clap before he does the dropkick half the time.

This is all very floatable. I’m sure, like Akio and Nunzio could give me a match to sink in tommorow and I’d move them around, for instance.

You know what would be cool would be if the Space Ghost season wasn’t all of six episodes.

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sound the panic alarms


Prior’s return delayed. He may not pitch for Cubs till May.

PEORIA, Ariz. — After being re-examined by a second physician Saturday, Mark Prior conceded the April 12-19 timetable for his return to action may be way too optimistic.

There’s little reason to believe Prior could be ready before May 1, even if he restarts his rehab process Sunday after a six-day layoff from throwing.

“It’s kind of one of those mystery things we’re going to have to deal with,” Prior said. “Hopefully, it’s not too long.”

I’m gonna go freak out now.

It’s all a conspiracy by the Trib – A month or more of SERGIO = lots more beer sales.

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68 degrees


Today is the first really warm day of the year – warm enough that you can’t get away with wearing a coat without feeling very muggy. In a happy coincidence, it’s also the first day in the last couple weeks where I haven’t had plans to hang out or travel two and half hours to a basketball or been dead tired from doing other stuff.

So, while I’ve got no chairs or tables set up on the patio, the concrete and wall are dry enough that I can lean back and type while looking at the still pond behind my house and all the leafless trees surrounding it while swatting bugs. It’s great to have spring back.

Since I do have time today, I might actually catch up like I’ve promised – but since that involves sitting inside watching a TV and this is the first time in 5 or 6 months I can sit outside and do stuff, I’ll put it off while I still have some daylight. (Or a close resemblance of that – I mean, it’s March in Illinois, it’s still awful cloudy). The things I can do outside is type on the blogs and link to stuff, so that’s what I’m going do for right now.

It was pointed out to me that I haven’t linked any of Mr. Albert Ching’s articles lately. I kinda forget – sometimes I have to be reminded to do obvious stuff, and I probably missed whenever Al pointed out his new articles. So you don’t miss ’em, here they are

  • Pop culture lost in Asian stereotypes – 03/03
  • Cactus League retains its majesty – 03/10
  • Today’s top story: nerds now in power – 3/24

    I liked the first one the best, but I’m biased.

  • worse trade of the night

    26 Home Movies Will Not Be Renewed. Family Guy Back In Production

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    Call me nutty, but I can kinda see the money flow.

    I know they’re in to make money and not just put what I want on the air and more people watch Family Guy, but they really ought to just put what I want on the air. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

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    not exactly a surprise


    The Cubs Thursday acquired left-handed pitcher Andy Pratt and infielder Richard Lewis from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for pitchers Juan Cruz and Steve Smyth.

    The problem here isn’t trading Juan, since at any point you get out pitched by SERGIO!, there’s a problem.

    The problem here is that this is a year too late – Juan would’ve got us a lot of value previously and even without Maddux signing late, we would’ve had the same options for reserve starters as we have now and it’s not like they were ever going to rely on Juan for a long time unless he pitched back to back shutouts or something. Instead, we get just some other teams unfufilled promise. Which is fair, but a lot down on what we were talking about when everyone first started trading Cruz in, say, 2001.

    Also Good: No more bringing up Mr. Smyth just because he’s a lefty and ignoring that he’s not a good AAA pitcher, much less a ML one.

    Also Good: No more mispelling “Smyth”

    Also Bad: Richard Lewis is a little old to be playing infield, ain’t he?

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    info check


    RAW and SmackDown Info pages have been updated, mostly with the roster movement – including SD! Spoilers, so you’ve been warned. There’s a few things I’m not sure of (like what Tough Enough John’s name will be next week, or if he’s even a wrestler!). If you’ve got a correction (and I’d assume there are some), please use the commenting below.

    I’ve got to create a database for this stuff. It’s on my list of things to do, if I had a list. I should get one.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to title histories later today, and some lucha.

    About RAW


    Okay, so I was wrong. That was actually fun.

    Till Tuesday when it all goes so wrong. Or at least that’s the impression they’ve left us. I mean, who else could we possibly expect to be GM besides Stephanie? There’s been three. One’s on RAW. One’s quit. ( says “new GM and trades on Tuesday night, about the time SmackDown’s taping starts”, so I guess we have 24 hours to try and guess new names.)

    It’s all in how they follow up. Which is always true.

    Maybe I’m just relieved that they didn’t panic even more and gave Triple H a title back. I was kinda thinking they were going to.

    But, re: Meltzer’s discussion of who’s got the belt for now and who’s being built around – with Triple H jumping, it sure seems like which champion is which might have gotten flipped.

    Why couldn’t have Velocity gotten Cade? They need better heavyweights. I’m very worried about the impending Jordan/Jindrak match. I actually like Dupree better, but I’m not too happy there either.

    I really don’t like Spike on SmackDown!, because he’s had the same “small guy uses a lot of rollups again big guy” match for the last seven years, and hasn’t shown anything different when he’s got the opurtinty. He’s a lesser Scotty 2 Hotty at this point, and since they buried him on TV, he’s probably Chavo’s next challenger.

    Got me where Tajiri fits in on RAW. Where was Randy Orton?

    I liked the backstage bits – not just the bigger ones like everyone singing goodbye to Triple H, but the little stuff like Jazz yelling at Theodore Long and telling him he wasn’t making her money anyway. And Nidia leaving SmackDown by chucking a water bottle at Jamie Noble, that was choice.

    I would not bet on RVD victories over the next few months. He’s got all the looks of a guy who is jobbing his way out of the company.

    NCAA, lucha stuff later.

    andy dogz


    I’m HYPED to go Bradley Center after all the rocking late games I watched. And I was so hyped Monday that I started a scouting report on each of the teams I’d get to see, starting with there info on

    But I never really got past ESPN. Here’s what I did do.




    I forget they were moving my server, again. They were in the process of moving when I was posting yesterday, so the posts didn’t go with it. Sadly, my seeding is gone. BOOOOO me.

    Hey: this is the kind of thing I’d like to Offically sponsor. Except really not enough lucha guys. Maybe I need to do that.

    Since I’m doing nothing relevant today, let’s make some picks:

    (Click the link because this gets long. But it’s formatted nice)