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There are days where 15 minutes to write stuff here wins out over 15 minutes of extra sleep. This is not one of those days.

Fortunatly, Albert Ching is here (or there, in the AZUWebDevil) to relate a traumatic trip to carnival.

Anyone know a good Internet Sports Ticket Broker? Like, for instance, if I was looking for 2 or 3 upper deck tickets to all the 1st/2nd NCAA Tournament round games at the Bradley Arena, do you know of a site where I’d find them for a fair price and would feel relatively sure I wasn’t going to get ripped off, and I don’t have to wait and guess and lose as on eBay? Hit the comment link if you might now.

evil radio


So I’m not sleeping yet, and turning on Radio@Netscape to find some music while I think about doing something useful, since there appears to be no chat I can sit in and talk to myself. I scanned the “Now Playing” listings of my usual channels, and Adult Alt says it’s playing the Clash. I’m thinking it’s an awesome twist of fate and even better when it turns out to be Rock the Casbah. What could be wrong with this?

Well, it could be the last ten second of the song, leading into a stupid Five for Fighting song.

And I know what you’re saying, they’re all stupid Five for Fighting songs. And you’re right.

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nightmare show


Oh good lord, I bet Coach watched Dream Job and realized that he wasn’t the biggest tool. I’m so hoping that Stu gets whatever show it is that he really wants instead of this sports gig out of this show, so he can get away from ESPN and things I accidently watch instead when I should know better.

There’s disappointing bad, there’s mockable bad, and there’s bad that you don’t want to watch again (without a mute and fast forward button.)

And then I might watch it again next week so I have something to concerate my dislike on. So whatever.

My true disappiontment is that Tony didn’t rip anyone. The two guys who sucked were easy to pick, so much so far that you have to figure the guy who got the vote from the ‘net received because he was first.

Three CMLL recaps turned up this week – check the index if you’re missed one. And I’ve actually added e-mail links, though you have to be able to think to use them. Feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you need is always desired.

I have no particular plans for this week besides staying sane. And maybe catching up with CMLL. And maybe actually giving RAW and SmackDown numbers.

My wallet? Never arrived. Out $40 in cash, but if it was just a scam, dude never used my either my check or credit card. I’m guessing wrong address? I’d love to know what happened, Replacements card should show up this week, but I’m running on spare bills the last couple weeks and it’s a little bit of an annoyance. Need to get a closer bank.

Water started working last week, but I’m still not used to trusting it. Though some right now might work.

Velocity and Heat were inverses of each other.

Out of stuff to say.

So so bored. Need to do something this week.

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wealth of useless info!


Remember when I overanalyzed the identity of the Mole?

They just revealed the Mole.

I believe, all things consindered, the correct Stuart Scott quote for this occasion is “BOOYAH”

It’s hilarious to watch Tracey Gold reevalutate her life and the choices she made in the course of watching a video package. Apparently some of the $10,000 she did win went to a hair salon. Probably a lot of it.



Greg Maddux is a Cub.

Greg Maddus is a Cub, again.

Greg Maddux is a Cub.

Only a faint grip on sanity and courtesy is preventing me from calling people and telling them Greg Maddux is a Cub!

It may be a bad contract that’ll hurt in 2005 or 2006, but in right now in 2004 this is unbelievably good.

Oh man what if Greg Maddux was awesome in 2004 AND 2005 AND 2006!

Pitchers (including GREG MADDUX!) and Catchers (including PAUL BAKO! who’s obviously got a regular gig unless someone can dig up Hector Villanueva) report in a few hours and baseball rules.

Greg Maddux? Awesome
Jim Hendry? Awesome
Kerry, Mark and Sosa? Still Awesome.
Houston? LOSERS.
Can we start the season right this very moment?

12 years later, he’s back. I can not believe it. He really is the anti-Clemens.

Your First “When will he win 300?” prediction: Friday, August 13th vs LA.’s always fun Milestone Tracker isn’t ready to help predict just yet.

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parts known dot com


Forgot to the mention that Scott got his own site, oddly choosing as the domain name.

Check out the “Scott Watches One Match” section.

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can’t see me


Emergency server move caused the site to be done from around 4:30 yesterday (right when I went to put up CMLL) till…well, whenever you’re reading it right. It depends on when your DNS server got updated, I guess.

I wasn’t expecting it to be back up yet, so I have nothing for you. Check the side bar for the CMLL link. I’ll do some quick title history updates later.

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watch this space


Heat is up. You missed nothing. The six man tag is something I was hyped up for, but never got to the pace I was looking for. I wonder if that’s a thing I’ve got to change my expectations for. They weren’t doing more than the usual WWE hot tag style, but they never got up to a lot of action level after the hot tag, including teasing a train wreck bit without following through. There was nothing really wrong with it, there just wasn’t anything really great with it either.

Joe has a quick recap of ROH’s Pure Wrestling Title Tournament show over on

Edit #1.8: CMLL #113 (last week’s, the Tohoku Jr. #1 contenders tournament) is done. I had it mostly done earlier in this week, first draft style, and it had been sitting around on the hard drive waiting to be cleaned up.

Apparently I shouldn’t upload things at 2 AM. it’ll be up at 4:30 pm CST. Sorry.

I’ve got a start on Velocity (and #114 – two weeks ago), but since I feel more like sitting around and watching Space Ghost, I decided just to clean up for now.

Edit 2:Velocity is done. I think Shannon/Ultimo was better than the Heat match.

More CMLL tommorow? Maybe.

America’s Cup


Scott recapped the TNA/AAA America’s Cup show, since it was a lot less TNA-ish than most weeks. Scott’s been a busy man the last few weeks – this year’s Rumble (just watched, was good), UFC, Pride, the TNA/NWA show and No Way Out this weekend. If this all happened during baseball season, he’d have quite a full plate.

SSI doesn’t appear to be working. Actually, a lot of stuff stopped working sometime after I posted last night. The constant bad thing about using a hosting company is they will make changes without telling you, and sometimes whatever they change in settings will stop your stuff from working right.

I’ll readd the side bars in the bit (making them part of this main template.) The update list thingy is off until the problem is fixed, so just watch this space for quick bits.

Contact page should also be done. Something besides slowing down my net connection by dling lots of junk from BitTorrent should be done by me.

Completely Random but related to the last statement: X-Men The Hidden Years is kinda totally what should’ve been done instead of X-Factor, right? Everyone would’ve been much happier.

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wishing for a clue


Still no water. Read more (, but it sure sounds like everything was rolling perfectly along till the very last water test before they could rescind the boil water failed, and now they’re back at square one. It’ll take two straight days of no tests to get an all clear, so no water till Saturday night, at least.

I’ve felt so out (and under) it for the last two days. Yesterday, I passed out in late afternoon when I really didn’t want to, and today I couldn’t when I told everyone I was.

I am drinking bottled water, but less liquid than normal and I wonder if that’s part of it. Shower I just took is making me feel better. Except worrying about the little bit of water that gets in your mouth. Let’s just move on.

As strange as it sound, considering the last time I mentioned it, I’m going to miss Flea’s IWC 100 list. Not because of any numbers attached to the names or for the fun bashing said numbers, but because you got a glimpse of (some of) the more interesting people out there talking about wrestling. The shame in 1ryderfakin closing down isn’t as much people I don’t read write what they write in places they already write, it’s that I never get to read the comments about WHY Flea thought so and so was worth not only his time, but also my time. Because maybe I would and now I’d have to click those links and search and that’s not going to actually happen.

I don’t want to say everything’s well covered (looked at the cmllblog over there), but there’s a lot of good stuff on the ‘net about wrestling. Articles worth reading isn’t the problem; the problem is anyone else knowing those articles are out there.

Justin Shapiro’s Heat Report is one of the things I look forward to reading each week, but who’s going to know that when the link on’s main page says no more than “WWE Heat Report” and that’s the end of the promotion? I enjoy WeeklyVisitor, even when I’m making nonsensical jokes about their nonsensical jokes, but a quick look at the incoming links listed on Google show that not many other people notice ’em. (That may be wrong, since I’ve got one and it’s not up there.) Matt Hocking got a more high profile gig on OO not because he was doing goofy and different takes on RAW, but because he realized that if he moved to doing it right under Rick’s nose, it might actually get him noticed. And it’s not just funny stuff – I didn’t know Stuart’s NJ stuff existed till he dropped some info on me for a lucha recap.

There’s plenty of examples out there, and the thing is, if you did this instead of me, you’d probably have a different list. Some of it may be because you like one guy more than I do, but too much of it is because you’ve got a favorite guy that other people don’t know exist.

What we – we as people who want information and are always looking for more good sources of it – need is a site that searches out those golden nuggets of worthwile wrestling content for the rest of us. It’s different than what WrestlingDB and A1Wrestling do (though not far different from Rapp’s Wrapup) – links to everything without some quality information doesn’t help, because you still don’t know what’s actually good in the sea of mediocre. Long lists of links (like that IWC100 in it’s current state) don’t give you the Why’s of clicking, and aren’t dynamic enough.

I guess I’m wishing for something like a wrestling version of BaseballMusings or even InstaPundit – find me something worth reading, feel free to give me a quick take on it, and then go find something else. Let me know where the good stuff is at.

I basically just said “how about a site getting attention for other people (instead of focusing on themselves)” which is an insane enough thought that perhaps I should maybe have some more water.

Maybe when I invent about four more hours per day, I’ll do it. But if you’re looking for a niche yourself, it’s an idea worth stealing. (I might even be talked in to be giving MoveableType space.)

To end on a different note, ex???? writer Albert Ching brings you his thoughts on the Atkins diet (

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