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Pages (mostly recaps and indexes) on this very site should look a lot better via Mozilla; I found a stray comma in my style sheets that was screwing up the formatting for most everything. Now it’s all pretty and a little better than IE…

I also realized you could type in the Preview mode of Composer, so maybe I’ll give it more of a chance. Still miss the squiggly lines, but maybe there’s a plug in or something I don’t know about yet.

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never change the theme song


That was the best Monk episode ever. The hilarious CSI mocking. Monk being the world’s greatest contunity expert. Monk not meeting Willie Mays. “I’m finally getting the hang of sixth grade.”

I’m late on the CMLL and everything else because I just realized I didn’t have Frontpage on this machine and I really don’t want to use my old computer. MozillaComposer isn’t good for me because I like the red squiggly lines for spelling mistakes and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t display the font types right from my style sheet, making it quite worthless as a WYSIWYG editor. HTMLKit isn’t good for me because, even after I stop it from doing the “Bold button is actually STRONG” stupid stuff (and navigate through the billions of options to find that), there’s no quick switch between their psuedo-WYSIWYG editor and the actual HTML and there’s many little annoying things in it.

And I don’t know of other ones. I could use some suggestions? I think I had a copy of Dreamweaver on this computer before the hard drive died, but it was a pirated version that was buggy and would randomlly crash.

But I’m sure FrontPage will magically appear on my computer some time today and I’ll get some stuff done.

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locked doors


Just two good ole boys,
Never meaning no harm.
Beats all you never saw,
been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born.

Straightenin’ the curves,
Flattenin’ the hills.
Someday the mountain might get ’em but the law never will.
Makin’ their wayyyyyy, the only way they know how.
Well, that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow.

Just two good ole boys,
Wouldn’t change if they could.

[stop] Fightin’ the system like two modern day Robin Hoods. [Yee-haw]

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pick your headline


ChiSunTimes: New Mariotti show should help WMVP even score with WSCR Annoying Mariotti show replacing Awesome TK show ensures that I’ll be listening to the ‘net feed instead of ‘MVP a whole lot more. (Score still sucks as well, no matter how much it’s hyped to me and/or associates of mine make it on the air)

To be consisent, I should mock a SunTimes guy for talking about how great a SunTimes guy is. I’m no expert, but given past ratings numbers, the only thing that’ll get ESPN1000 over that hump is the public caring about the Bulls (not likely this season!) or the White Sox (heading towards not likely this season!), and whether Mariotti is whining about the Tribune not spending every single cent they make from daily circulation (a looooooot more than the SunTimes!) on the Cubs or not probably won’t change things at all.

Score’s the standard, for better or worse, and the only thing that’ll change is if people are turning into live events, and then stick around before and after because they’re into the station already. Just because someone’s talking more about games that are local (and what a horrible time to start doing that – there are no teams playing right now that any one cares about, it’d make infinite more sense to do this on Opening Day) than before doesn’t matter, because the Score’s already doing that and probably going to do it better.

The people who want to hear local stuff already listen to the Score. The people who realize that rehashing the Bulls and Blackhawks (wait, no one cares about the Blackhawks) for more than 30 minutes is insanity listened to MVP…but now they listen to something else or they just listen to the ‘net feed.

(Even on days where lines where Mark Coale isn’t randomlly in the studio and I’m remembering I owe him an article just as Tony mocks him for the lack of Odessa Steps lately. )

Maybe I got something to do today now…

Anyway, most of all I was ticked they didn’t warn me this was happening and just started hyping Mariotti THIS MORNING. I’ve had a feeling this was going to happen for a year – they’ve been barely mentioning Tony for a long time (people locally at the station do not dig him, I gather) – and they they’ve been having Mariotti do bumpers for Bulls games and did a test run of this show during the Cubs run to the playoffs. It’s not like they just woke up this morning and thought “Hey! The guy on Around the Horn who doesn’t share his spot with the rest of his paper’s people, but isn’t funny/insane like Woddy Page – he needs another form of media to voice his short-term shallow ill thought out views! – why waste a second?”

Even if you thought the strategy would work – which I don’t, you saw – you think they would’ve given it more a chance besides just advertising it 40 minutes before it came on the air. That’s either a fear of a strong pro-Mr. Tony protest or a lack of confidence – it’s tough to find an audience if they don’t know you’re there.

I can’t believe I just wrote that much about Sports Talk Radio. Someone slap me.

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I’m so tired of being tired


So I really shouldn’t be watching the Heartbreakers on Soundstage for the 50th time near 2am, huh? Getting no sleep on Sunday night is a tradition. I need to steal a birthday present back so I can have the MP3s again.

Not that I really have a reason; not only was Velocity up here on Saturday (shockingly), but I did Heat more or less live so I wasn’t hurrying to beat a sleeptime deadline for once. CMLL waits for Tuesday but you expect that by now. This is all of product of being otherwise lazy for the second weekend in a row and barely leaving the house; my seeming agraphobia is promptness’ gain.

That was a good Monk episode too.

After Gateway being really really annoying, it seems as though everything is straightened out and in a mighty swerve, my laptop should show up on my door step, fixed, tommorow. Though I’ll believe when I see it. It may mean that I’ll update more, or it may mean the computer I’m using won’t crash three times in a hour. You’ll just have to wait and see!

That was the worst Orlando Jordan match since the early days of Orlando Jordan, and it wasn’t nearly all his fault. I think local guys try to make an impression with wacky expressions or gimmicks or reactions, knowing that wacky moves don’t impress the right people but not knowing how to wrestle the style they’re looking to see. Or maybe I’m wrong and Longtime gets a developmental deal on Monday, what do I know.

You know what I’m having a hard time with, spot wise? Is the “person gets crotched, other person tries to superplex them off, but no in reality they’re shoved off and something else happens.” A little because the reversal is so much more common than the actual move, and a lot because the supposed superplex victim’s feet are often on the outside of the ropes. You can only take a superplex (without something wacky or blown happening) with your feet on the inside of the ropes, so it’s a total give. It’d be just as awkward for them to get crotched and for some reason their legs land inside with them falling at the same time, and I know it’s a suspenion of disblief thing, but they could break it out a little less to compensate for it.

That said, I bet Victoria/Molly gets shown in the RAW Wrestler Meeting Where Things Are Said That Should Never Get Passed On (but somehow always do!) as part of the good video clips. They worked the style just as they wanted it worked. I think people are into cheering Victoria – she got a bigger positive reaction at the finish than the Dave made it sound – but they’ve got to do more to establish her as a face than have Test leer in her general direction and have her get wins over Molly on shows most of the audience did not see or remember.

Or at least do a backstage bit where Trish and Victoria remember they hate each other but agree to hate Molly and Jazz more. And I guess Lita fades away.

I need some new tapes. I thinking at least one big CMLL show – maybe the Shocker/Bucanero mask/mask match? – one good tape of older lucha TV – no idea there – and then something non-lucha where I’d know some of the guys and wouldn’t be completely loss. And isn’t a handheld. Maybe something with AmDragon? I dunno.

Scott hasn’t said so, but I assume a Rumble recap will turn up in my mailbox before or after RAW. I’ll post it when I get it.

The new favicon.ico, assuming it’s up when you see this (and the last one I tried didn’t take, so who knows) is courtesy CRZ. Thanks!

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Getting around to feedback. I’m gonna tinker around till I find the best way to do this – well, the best color, at least.

Having watched most of the FLCL eps, I can safely say it makes little to no sense…your average episode of Family Guy holds together better plotwise. It’s still damn funny, if not very drug-influenced. I’d imagine drugs make it more coherant, too. The South Park scene out of nowhere was…interesting. I’d rather have more of that and less of Inuyasha.

I heard to watch it two times, and it makes sense the second time. Or maybe it doesn’t, and that’s why it’s so great.

Having successfully avoided most WWE programming (last SD I saw was…Benoit/Brock? That was good though), I have little to say on that, although I’m sad I missed Spank Calling/WGTT last week. Maybe we’ll get London vs. Charlie or Shelton before he gets cut, which I’d go out of my way to watch.

From the sounds of it, they would’ve done Spanky/London vs Kyo Dai (don’t look at me – that’s what the website says in Akio and Sakoda bios – note Sakoda’s name is spelled different on the profile and they’re not consisnent whether Kyo Dai is the goon tag team or the three person unit) which would’ve been equally fun. They haven’t seemed to want to use Haas and Benjamin at all in singles matches of late unless one guy is hurt or they’re doing the “teams feuding over the tag titles face off in singles matches” bit, so I don’t like the chances there.

Random question- they ever let London do his neckbreaker variation? Looks vaguely like a Side Effect. Used it in one of his matches vs. Danielson, if you’ve seen any of those.

I haven’t seen ROH (yet?) but I don’t recall seeing London use a move like that. But he’s only had a couple singles matches since he’s come in; I suspect that he’ll try to break out more moves (in the hopes that one catches someone’s eye) if he’s back to singles now.


So what’s the over/under on Morgan’s finisher getting renamed the Blueprint Thunder Bomb?

Someone getting the name to Josh. That’s just goofy enough for him to use.


Spanky’s the new Van Gogh [underappreciated, yet great] so he’s taking his paintbrush and easel elsewhere. Good for him.

Yep. He’s got a ton of options, so he might as well try a few different ones.

Of course, Shannon’s evil act currently involves a lot of pointing and smiling cockily.
The sneer SO needs to be worked on. Maybe he needs the Mandy Moore makeover and to dye his hair brown.
I’d be good, if he’d stick that way. Probably not worth to invest in evil hair dye if you might be good next week.

I never noticed it being a tattoo. I’ve read an interview where Shannon says he’s considering getting more tattoos.
Josh likes pointing it out for whatever reason. I think the joke started “Shannon has a very large…….dragon (tattoo)” and spiraled out of control from there.

“Asai DDT one two three”
Arrgh, another really fake looking finisher. Is it really a DDT? I thought it was an inverted DDT.
Asai DDT is the “Offical Name” of it, though truly he’s only used on Velocity so it may be one of those pseudo-authetnic Josh names. It looked sharper a while ago but now the whole pose thing he’s doing is making it look even less-believable. He completely and totally should’ve just used the Dragon Sleeper.

“Orlando Jordan (Miami, FL, 240 pounds)”
Is absolutely horrible and wears horrible yellow tights with a BEAR [???] on his ass. I’ll bring up why I think he’s horrible very soon.
I think they decided it was a tiger. He’s actually better than when he started around here, in that he can get through a token 4-5 minute match without totally embarassing himself.

Well, Matt had the half-crab for like a good minute. And Orlando did limp around for like a minute and then all of the sudden, he’s kicking and FEELING IT. God damnit, sell.
That’s about normal. You’ve got to agree with me that it’s not quite a painful looking hold itself. I think they want to do push the hanging action more; maybe Morgan should find someway of holding the leg above his shoulder rather than below the shoulder? I don’t know if that’s even anatomically correct.

Maybe he should try to maybe wrestle a good match instead of trying to get over his character…
He should, but it’s what Arch does every time he’s on – figure out the zaniest thing he can do to get a reaction from the crowd or the announcers.

I believe he said “two and NINE TENTHS”

“Josh: “White Russian Legsweep!” “I don’t get it.””

I believe he initially called it a russian legsweep, but then said “I probably woulda called it a white russian legsweep.” Then after Bill didn’t get it, Josh went into detail of what’s in a white russian – vodka, milk and a little bit of Kahlua. And Bill was like “yeah, you’d drink something with milk” like he was implying that Josh was not a real man’s drinker. I dunno.
I heard the explanation, but thought for some reason it might be an old ECW/Sandman reference. Which was about the drink too, sure.

Oh that ruled. I started getting visions of those 1-minute match clips of Barry Darsow wrestling and locking in the EVIL FUJIWARA ARMBAR and Tenay would go nuts and say OH MY GOD HIS ARM ISN’T SUPPOSED TO TURN THAT WAY!!! and the guy would have to tap immediately. Lovely stuff.
They need to make a tag team of guys with killer Fujiwara armbar and cross armbreaker finishers.

I thought if he’d have to hit the clothesline, he’d do it with the other arm because if he did hit it, it would hurt more. I think I recall Bradshaw actually doing that one time…but I dunno. I’m growin’ old.
I think Bradshaw is growing dumber in his old age; that would’ve been cooler Or if there’s a near fall based off the left handed clothesline

Or if the body part injury actually cost a match. I’m almost willing to start charting that…

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I’m tired now and my left hand is killing me for whatever reason and would like to write but it’s just not going to happen. I do read when I don’t get around to posting. I’ll get around to responding tommorow

On the other hand, if someone wants to do times & finishes (and whatever else they’d like) for SmackDown!, I’d be tempted to hand the gig away, just because looking at the three shows I’ve got sitting on TiVo, I don’t know if I’ll get around to that.

odds and ends


Combining the comments and other into posts

– I got the box today. And it’s going back to them tomorrow, with my laptop. Asssuming they remember to pick it up.

They’ve sent me nothing about the hard drive (that I’m supposed to be returning to them, except the shipping label is missing and they won’t give me their address and haven’t sent a new lable), so I’m sure I’m in some violation of warranty but I think I have a chat transcript to prove my innonence. I’m holding it hostage till I get my computer back, I think.

Freaking month. Gateway is not endorsed.

– I take a lot of mini (and some longer) breaks in the middle of recaps, and I’m tending to them around weekday Adult Swim time, so I catch bits and pieces of Futurama and Family Guy – enough to know they’re hit or miss with me, not enough to keep them around on my TiVo.

My TiVo’s 60 hours (thinking about getting one of those upgrades), but I like to get the WWE/CMLL stuff in high quality, so there’s no point for me in wasting space in stuff I’m gonna catch as much as I want anyway.

Last time FLCL was on, I had heard the “it’s a good show but you must pay decent attention to get it” hype and I wasn’t in the mood to pay decent attention. Maybe next time.

I *loved* the original (crispy, featuring 100% future CNN anchor) Mole, despite it being moved around and pretend canceled multiple times. The Celebrity Mole show is still sorta okay for debating who the Mole is (um…Mr. Cooper?) but even more funny for how insane the D-level celeberties get.

– As far as Velocity, there are other guys who can fit his slot, such as it was; I think they can easily slide in Shannon as the bumping half of the tag team while London does the wacky spots, if they wanted to. And they don’t use everyone on the roster ever week as it is, so if this means Kanyon gets to be on TV again before he gets cut (like I think everyone expects, if he hasn’t been already) that’s fine. It’ll probably mean one less good match on Velocity every two weeks, but I don’t think they’re really concerned about that.

It sucks that we never got Spanky/Rey or Spanky/Dragon or dozen other intersting matches, but if he’s going to be fine or better elsewhere, good for him. It won’t be as intersting without him around, but Spanky’s not really the person to blame for that.

Disappionting in the situation but not the decision.

– I’m thinking tommorow I’ll update the CMLL side of things? Lucha Times is already done, so there’s not much work to be do, it’s just that I rather have an extra half hour sleep right now. #110 (they skipped #109)’s first draft is done and after I proofread it, I’ll take care of both things.

– It’s nice to know that I can still trick people into proving their existance.

Tanvir vs Velocity


Let’s see if the voicecolor tags still work…

So we’ve learned today that working over a body part for 4 minutes is absolutely of no importance, no matter how much Bill loves it.
Err…but then you’d be mistaking WWE for IWA-MS and no, this is not that. My brother was like “wow, Billy looks really big” and yeah, he looks a lot different than he did 5 years ago. Also, Sakoda getting funky with the submissions was neat. Does anyone know if he was trained here or um…Japan or wherever he’s from? And is he specifically a submission dude in the same [haha, I kid somewhat] mold as [hahaha] Sheldon Benjamin. I ask because I care.
I think it bugged me more there a little bit because it’s a trend – they run two “body part” focus matches a B-Show a week and are careless about making it matter in the end, but here it was even worse because the story was cut at the knees by the cross armbreaker being such a non-factor – Kidman wasn’t really selling it as much more than an armbar chinlock thing. (I could give you ways to make it work, but ain’t my job.)

They could probably get away with that with a lot of different arm submissions moves – simple step over armbar would’ve worked in that sequence – but the cross armbreaker is one of those A-level submission moves that you accept as a lethal finisher or as a trademark move of a guy, but seems out of place as a just another move. (It’s the same thing when Rey Bucanero pulls out a Stunner variation and it’s got slightly less impact on the match than a dropkick; I *know* it’s a different style, but I still can’t help to think that it’s being wrong and dumbly. Must be the programming.)

It slips my mind on Sakoda – I know spent sime time in some southwest indies, but I kinda remeber UPW being mentioned with him before he came in. He didn’t show any special submission tendencides before he was turned into Tajiri’s boy.

“Yay, turning point is now so I don’t have to see it later. Bill thinks Kidman getting his foot on the ropes to break the cross armbreaker was a big thing.”

Bill’s analysis is truly the one of the steady highlights on this show. The other one being that eventually we’re gonna see Josh taking some huge bumps from A-Train on one of these Velocity episodes. That’s going to win RSPW’s Feud of the Year for 2004, just watch. I still can’t believe he was on Tough Enough.

Maybe for newer people – not you or me, the Turning Point stuff works, because they’re not used to seeing how things break down? It’s stuff I already know though, and I always want to know more than that. I guess I should just be happy they’re putting some effort into these things.

I kinda thought the same thing about Josh before, but that was when DeMott was in the A-Train’s place and the Cat was the one trying to instigate. Nothing came of it then, so I can’t help but think it’s just a way for A-Train to get a couple more mentions by the crew. Cynical.

“”Nothing Left To Lose” by Puddle of Mudd is the Official theme song of the Rumble”
Is that the song with the video that makes them look like Nirvana? They need some hiphop. I nominate “Slam” by Onyx.
They ONLY use Rock/Metal, for whatever reason.

“but London is aware enough to stomp on Shelton’s foot to get loose, big dropkick”
aw man the dropkick where he flips and falls on his stomach, right? That rocked.
That’s the Dropsault, (Dropkick + Moonsault) and he used that a bit later.

“Shelton applying a straight jacket – whoa, straight jacket tapita! That’s one of those Mexican Surfboard type things, you know? London also thinks it’s Death, so he runs into to break it up with a dropkick again.”
OMG the lucha has taken over your soul. You’ve come a long way from two years ago with all this “tapita” stuff. That move was the best I’ve seen all week. I wish the WWE had more submission finishers. Just stuff that comes out of nowhere instead of when the wrestler signals for the finisher and the crowd pops ‘cuz the guy who’s hurt still has ears and should probably sense the finisher coming. One great example of this would be the Rock/Goldberg match where Rock gets up slowly and the crowd is popping really loud ‘cuz they know the spear is coming. Common sense is that Rock shoulda just left the ring and not even have turned around. Arrgh…wrestling logic, I’ll never understand it.

I’ve been trying to switch over to the Mexican terms in the CMLL stuff – I like using stuff like “Circuit Breaker”, but it seems unauthentic if I’m not at least also using the terms the promotions uses – and it’s bleeding over into other stuff when I get a chance.

I *think* the theory is that during the match, the wrestler is so focused on the match itself, he’s not listening to the crowd and doesn’t notice them yelling “3D!” or whatever. Especially if he’s a heel.

Could really use a color guy saying that every so often, though.

WWE’s gonna choose what gets the fans to respond over what makes sense most every time.

“That was fun.”
Now if only they’d give them fifteen minutes instead of 6 and a half.
That kinda stuff is saved for the likes of Venis/Orton

rules and regulations


What will (maybe) cost you that oh so important commenting privallage
– Spam
– Not being amusing enough to me.
– the mood strikes me

Also, if you can’t stand to be mocked, please ignore any conversation I’ll ever have with you. Thanks!

I don’t get around to responding to things right away if I don’t have something intersting to say, in hopes that it’ll come later. Which it often doesn’t and then I have a month old e-mail with a lame response and this is how I lost Sven as a reader, I THINK.

Anyway, from the looks of that last comment, I’m out of jokes to make about/with the WV list, and down to very bad puns.

Tanvir should get his own post. Soooooo.