a bit of a flake


So yesterday, while driving through puddles around in the pouring rain for strange reasons, I thought to myself ‘At least this it isn’t cold enough for snow yet or this would be all kinds of funky.”

And today? First snow of the year. I bet people who watch local news and weather would know these things, but it was surprise to me. And a nice way to ease in, seeing as it’s really just three cups of snow blowing around at 35 MPH.

Shoveling snow on a quiet dark night is always a relaxing experience. For me anyway. But I’m not there yet.

Holy wow Bill Cartwright just got canned. This a move to make a move. Pete Meyers is now just not the man who replaced Jordan, but he’s the man who replaced Bill Cartwright. Which means he’s pretty much still the man who replaced Jordan.

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yo dj, play that opera music


argh argh argh I was writing this and now IE blew it up argh and I have to start again. This time, I’m smart enough to use the Microsoft Word I had opened earlier just so I could check my spelling of “embarrassing.”

I’m trying to transition from long pent up updates where I forget half of the material I wanted to use to short ones where I randomly shout words at the nonbelievers and apparently forget what I wanted to say through mass incompetence anyway. You tell me how it’s going.

The one thing I’ve been meaning to mention for about week now is the thing that I’m listening to bunches, because of the unexpectedness at the very least: Radio@Netscape (Spinner in a past life, an above-average source of Net Radio) is now broadcasting a station dedicated to

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activity log


And now, one of those posts where I just list things that have been posted,
in case you missed ’em>
10/05/03 CMLL TV
10/12/03 CMLL TV
10/16/03 SmackDown
10/18/03 CMLL TV
10/23/03 SmackDown
10/25/03 CMLL TV
11/01/03 Velocity
11/01/03 CMLL TV
11/02/03 Heat
11/05/03 NWA-TNA by James Kalyn
11/06/03 SmackDown
11/08/03 CMLL TV
11/09/03 Heat
11/09/03 Pride by Scott Christ
11/09/03 WWE House Show by Joe Gagne
11/12/03 NWA-TNA by Scott Christ
11/15/03 Velocity
11/16/03 Heat
11/16/03 WWE Survivor Series by Scott Christ
11/17/03 RAW by Scott Christ

Scott’s really been in the writing mood.

SmackDown!: If someone was doing a recap I could cull data from in the future (ie the recap I’ve been doing), I wouldn’t even think about doing this show anymore.
Velocity: I grabbed the show I missed and will be making it up at some point.
Heat: Sucks ha ha ha
CMLL: Plan to do two episodes this week, which will catch me all the way back up.
Various Info Pages: Will catch when I can, but some of it depends on filling recap holes to draw from

TNA: Scott’s done with it. James maybe? Maybe.

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pay the price







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turning point


So here’s the thing. I’m watching Velocity. I’ve already done Heat – I just haven’t pushed the right buttons so it’s up here. 2 segments in – enough to continue my preoccupation with the WGTT/Funaki non-issue and wonder why they just turn more things into angles in the hopes that something actually clicks – but now we’re into Rhyno/Kanyon, two guys I like enough not to just go “Gore (x:xx)” and more on, but I just don’t have any energy (or interest?) to recap anymore. Right now. At least right now. Even the promise of personal fav American Dragon (and versus Spanky!! oh the fun that’ll be had) can’t keep me going.

It’s also 2 AM. I’m not sure if I should sleep or not, because my sleep has gotten completely messed up by this point. But I just feel tired of this.

Problem is, if I don’t finish Velocity by 5-ish tomorrow, it won’t turn up on OO till Wednesday. And that seems always seems like a personal failure. And I’ve had my fill of them.

The deal with the RunDown that I wanted to point out, but don’t feel like a going into much detail, is that Thursday night advertising is traditionally bought out by movie companies to promote whatever’s debuting the next night. This is why NBC and CBS are in a death struggle (well, from the looks of ratings things, it’s pretty clear that NBC is the only suffering from death) for being the highest rated network on the night; higher ratings (and being #1) equals more money they can charge to the movie people, who don’t really have any options about going at some other time for it being cheaper.

UPN is a relatively smaller player in this (and everything else), but SmackDown! does attract a fair amount of the typical target movie audience – particularly if it’s a big blockbuster action type deal.

The Rundown is pretty close to that.

And it bombed. Well, maybe that’s too harsh – but it didn’t come close to it’s expectations.

SmackDown! already doesn’t get it’s “fair share” of ad revenue. And if I’m a movie exec, and I notice that a movie the WWE tirelessly worked to promote failed that badly, I don’t think putting my own (lesser) ads on during

This is just a theory. I’m sure either movie execs don’t care about these things, or they have people researching these things so they know where the money’s both well spent. Or someplace in the middle – like I know.

But if we still had someone who chronicled commercials around, it could be interesting to research if the number of movie ads before, during and after the Rundown. Last thing the WWE needs is one more dwindling source of funds.

That was the short version? Egads.

Gonna get some water. Then post Heat. Then, whatever.

i hope you bring lots of spaghetti


Ever have one of those days when the theme song from the Garfield and Friends stuck in your head (because you watched an episode, what, 3 weeks ago? all the incidental music is rushing back now, that’s no good) and that’s a relatively less annoying thing than many others going on. C’mon to the place where the fun never ends…

I listen to the Dan Patrick radio show (over the wherever possible, because before long, all ESPN Radio network shows will be reduced to 2 minute windows on ‘MVP).

Since the World Series, he’s been repetitively talking about a conversation with a player there, who had played for the Cubs and hit less than five home runs, was drug tested 5-6 times, while Sammy Sosa was never tested.

Dan never says the name to conceal the confessor’s identity.

Except, it’s Lenny Harris. It can be no one else. He’s the only guy who was on the Cubs this season and in the World Series. Lenny Harris will talk to anyone – he’s kept around for that, not because he can actually hit or something. It’s blatantly obvious to anyone with a freaking clue.

Dan continues with the description. Oblivious? Annoying!

SAY THE MAN’S NAME ALREADY. He ain’t Beetlejuice or nothing. (I sure hope not, or me typing Lenny Harris will cause him OH NO HE’S HERE)

Either truly conceal the man’s identity (he could’ve said “a well known power hitter who’s been near the top in home runs for the last decade” instead of the tell of Sosa – kinda wrong to be saying what other people are saying Sammy did without actually asking the man himself, too) or just say the guy’s name already. Don’t half do it and pretend you’re not a moron. Because I know. Oh ho ho, I know.

Salisbury dying via laughter on air kinda makes up for it, though. If your last name was Pound, wouldn’t you consciously learn to use “Richard” or “Rich” and definitely not “Dick”? I can’t believe they let a guy with that poor decision making being in charge of something in the Olympics.

The drug suspension system is a utter joke, but I wonder about that % – remember in Spring Training, where a bunch of White Sox were thinking about refusing to take a test, as to assure there’d be enough to get to 5% and make it a permanent deal? They backed down then, but I wonder if that came up during the season again, and we just didn’t hear about it..

Please don’t think I mean that all – or even a great amount of – tests were refused/failed on purpose. Just wonder if ended up playing a part in after all. There’s definitely a division about testing among the players, and it may be the only hope of getting a policy with actual teeth in place.

I’ll actually, you know, talk about the site, give links to stuff you’ve already seen or don’t care about, not hype up my guest writers as much as they deserve and ramble about how the Rundown’s lack of success hurts SmackDown! more then people realize.

But before I forget – I’m incredibly annoyed but sadly not particularly let down by the WWE not mentioning Crash’s death. It occurred to me the other that a great deal of the people who still watch probably don’t even realize that Crash isn’t working for the WWE anymore; he was only gone a few months ago, and guys like Nathan Jones disappear for months on times without any official explanation. Kanyon’s a regular part of the roster, and we can go a month or two without ever seeing him, and that’s just on Velocity. The people who watch SmackDown only probably don’t even know – NWA/TNA’s not that big, and the Internet’s not that big (unless it’s causing a problem.)

The only actual sign that he ever left was his place in the Velocity open being swapped out for Rhyno (I think) a while back.

A large part of the business is based on fans connecting to a character, and if a guy who was a supporting character can not only leave, but die without a trace, without the company meaningfully mentioning the end of your existence, well, it doesn’t say connecting to those supporting people is worth all that much.

Which may not mean much to you, because you’re still watching for Austin or Jericho or Angle or Benoit or (god forbid!) Triple H or not watching at all, but because I’m the guy who watches for people like Crash, like Steven, like Shannon Moore, like Funaki, well, that tells me that I’m watching for no good reason at all.

As if I needed to hear that same message…

clean up the TiVo


So. SmackDown! from three weeks ago is up. All I’ve got left on my TiVo is the one from two weeks ago, which leaves room for random Spanish shows to be accidently recorded.

The other ones are on tapes that I’ve got scattered around and may not actually be able to find. So don’t hope there. Though I wouldn’t know why you would.

I think I’ll get to CMLL shortly before I DIE

Nothing till Wednesday. Go outside while it’s still good.

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