SD! 5 v 5


Followup to the SmackDown Report, via Dave M:

“Faarooq will be kept out of action for a few weeks selling the knee injury from Smackdown last night. Not sure if he’ll be back for Survivor Series or not.”

This sure would back up my (kinda obvious but stuck in my head) theory that Cena’s on Angle’s team. Given the disparity they’re going for – big guys vs not big guys, A-Train fits better with the heels.

This would end up having Bradshaw being on that team for no good reason, but I guess there’s not an obvious (heavyweight) person to take his place? Eddie should have better things to do.

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I passed out around midnight, much earlier than usual


This is one of those times where I’m too tired to do anything but bullet point. Luckily, I know how to do that.

Raw Info need completing. But I’d have to watch RAW and take notes. (And then maybe write down a score? CRAZY IDEA). SD 9/11 was done mostly to get it the heck off my TiVo.

I may get to things (like a lucha episode or two) tommorow, but weekend stuff will be deyaled by a trip to South Bend on Saturday. Adjust expectations accordingly.

Lucha Times up tommorow? I do fear that Scott has lost interest in this recapping NWA-TNA thing. Which is fair enough.

I didn’t actually say it before, but writing down John Cena’s raps are done because I decided I rather waste elsewhere. No offense to Mr. Cena. Why they aren’t putting those things up on .com.

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Random real time 24 notes (I do this because it’s easier than editing.)

They really wanted to convince us that Kim wasn’t totally a moron, didn’t they. She learned a lot in three years for someone who supposedly dropped out of high school. (Her FOX bio that (they never ref) says she got an AA degree in Computer Science, which SURELY qualifies he

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r for that job – though actually what you do cover seems pretty thorough – no Unix, which is kinda what they seemed to be faking, though.)

Why can’t I find THAT job in the paper anyway. Nepotism. Haha Adam called her on it. But he sucks. So it’s not as good. Neither is her hair (there’s blond and there’s color being drained out of your hair) but what can you do.

I’M IN PAIN I’M IN PAIN I’M IN PAIN – wait, i have a phone call.

They should just tease Kim being in danger for 24 hours but nothing happens. Nothing at all.

Prez’s brother is definetly evil. That’s a gimmie.

Jack’s got a bit of a tension problem but Chloe’s a bit annoying herself.

When Chase said he’d talk to Jack about Kim, I didn’t figure he’d actually talk to Jack about Kim. I did figure the phone would ring.

Like they know the soil will be fine! You’re getting rooked, Hector. But then you’re evil so you’ll get over. Also, guess you didn’t break him after all Claudia Him and his body dumping days run wild.

Someone should have called the negotiator to let him know it’s not worth his time to threaten Salazar. He’s soooooo dead within three hours.

Claudia should’ve kinda thought this relationship over before getting involved. Add her as being dead.

He’s not exactly selling it! He’s an end user. It would explain the bad acting.

It’s awful strange how the parallel unvierse has adopted “Homeland Security” and “Alert Levels”. I guess a nuclear bomb did drop on the Southwest, though. Chalk up Doctor Anne as evil. OHHHHH, evil in love.

I’m not sure, but I think Jack might be sick! Something bad just might have happened with Salazar! We just might be treated to long explainations or flashbacks in future episodes! Ahh, withdrawl. Please don’t make watch the needle inject. CAN’T A MAN TAKE HERION IN PEACE?

He had an identical briefcase ready to give to the guy? That’s planning. You know, perhaps they should’ve just donated real money instead of doing the commerical. It would’ve been better.

Shot a 74/64 at Scottsdale


So. I’m addicted to Tiger Woods Golf. It’s getting to be debatlitating. Where it’s good that I had nothing to do (and a whole extra hour) the last 36 hours because I sure wasn’t doing it.

I did manage to break to do Heat. I should come up for air long enough to finish Velocity sometime this weekend and a CMLL episode (so look for it over there.)

Also, I watched the Justice League episode on Saturday and came the conclusion that either Green Latern and Hawkgirl are doing it, or at least Hawkgirl would very much like too.

See, and you thought the obsessive video game playing was the scary thing.

picking at leftovers


Sign I’m Slipping: The Evil Reporter on Playmakers is the Reporter on Cold Pizza. Same person. How did I miss that? Maybe if she hit on someone…

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that her presence is missing from the Playmakers promos now?

And now, some other (somewhat chronological) Random comments about Tuesday’s Cold Pizza show as seen on my TiVo late Wednesday night. This will be completely disjointed:

(I’m splitting up my “realtime” review into the extended part of this post, because I go on for a while. Click on the link if you care.)


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Bradshaw does his usual crap. Tag to Faarooq, who does HIS usual crap. These guys suck a lot.


Scott’s No Mercy recap is up. He seemed to like the non APA/Basham parts of the show.

I’m working on getting the update box back so I don’t have to update the main page with such sterling content as:

I slept a lot yesterday. That was fun.

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reruns are good


Edit: They teased me by airing a Bebop bumper by accident and I started to edit this. EVIL.

So, I went a long time between having Cartoon Network. Like, 3 years? Sounds about right.

In that time, new (or “new to Cartoon Network”) shows premired, aired all their episodes, and went into perputal reruns. That’s what usually happens. But everything is still New To Me.

On the rare occasion I caught Cartoon Network – on the road, in a hotel, partially in Spanish – two shows caught my eye: Samurai Jack and Cowboy Bebop. I’m not here to sell them to you, because the shows are so good they don’t really need that.

I saw what I guess was the newest Samuari Jack, and then it started to repeat in the afternoon, so I was all over that on my TiVo. It was nice, but since I’d…uh….found other means of getting episodes when I was particularly inspired, but not all of them so I was just waiting my time till the new ones came.

Bebop, I only saw one episode – the meet Ein one – so everything was new. And good. And on a bit late but heck, I wasn’t sleeping anyway. I was kinda sad that they were getting to the last couple episodes but reallllly intersted in seeing (for myself) how everything got resolved. If it got resolved.

So I check my TiVo today for the afternoon Samurai Jack recording, and while the program is listed as Samuari Jack, it certiantly looks a lot like Justice League – a nice cartoon, but not what I was looking for.

Still, I figure they’ll air them all again when they’ve got new episodes to tack on to the end. I thought ‘at least I’ll get to watch Bebop later. Certinally they wouldn’t pull it with just two episodes to go!’

Yea, right. I guess if it’s the 15th time you’ve shown the episodes you think everyone who’s wanted to see them saw them – but then you don’t know the crappy cable companies. Less than happy ending to a lass than happy day, anyway.

[I guess I won’t feel so bad just finding it by other means…]

The moral of this story is that I’m tired but got talked into TiVo-ing Cold Pizza so I’m also insane.

i hate stupid ESPN


(This is not a blog, Hobbes. No it’s not. Keep it up and I’ll link to your page.)

You know what was a great moment in humankind this week? When ESPN realized it could show multiple commericals for Cold Pizza. Really. I no longer wanted to meet Kit. I never wanted to meet Kit. If I ever found myself meeting Kit, I would want to loudly ask her to stop being wild and/or unpredictable (and then if there’s an offical post-Real World/Road Rules “how to be an aspring actor” class or if they all just make it up as they go.)

The second batch of ads where they’re hanging out (and not just telling me their names AS IF I CARE) are better. It wasn’t going to get me to watch either, but it didn’t reek of “we have nothing here so we’re just gonna have them act goofy and overhype them” like the other ads did. Oh hurdle, it’s a PUN. Thanks for explaining that to me.

Just because I go to websites too easily, I visited Cold Pizza’s website. Nothing says “someone got this first” than a .tv domain, you know. Anyway, for you, I shall go through the effort of C&Ping their Monday preview:

Notable film and TV actor Fred Willard, who recently appeared in American Wedding, A Mighty Wind and Everybody Loves Raymond, will be a guest on the Cold Pizza’s first show.

The Wiffle Ball – Cold Pizza will look at the 50th anniversary of the Wiffle Ball, a sport that evokes childhood memories of backyard fields and quirky ground rules.

As part of National Pizza Month, the new show will present a series designed to highlight the great American staple. Monday’s show will feature a pizza eating contest with three of the top-ranked competitive eaters in the U.S.

Excusively on Cold Pizza: We’ll announce the 2003 winners of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Individual Sportswoman of the Year and Team Sportswoman of the Year awards

“Sports on Broadway” – a five-part series that will look at the intersection of sports and theatrical plays on the Great White Way. Monday will feature the cast of the Tony-winning Take me Out – a play about a celebrated New York City baseball hero who announces that he is gay.

Uh, yea. That’ll work. I’ve been dying to know who won SportsWoman of the year! I can’t believe that got that kinda scoop away from SportsCenter. Jim was threating to tape this and give this to me, which would be the most hurtful thing a friend can do to a friend.

The thing that astounds me is that this – and Playmakers and whatever other lovely crap they put on ESPN in the near future – is supposed to appeal to people who don’t normally watch ESPN (a theory that has noteably failed in other places around here, but I’m off track enough).

They’re only advertising on the ESPN networks.
Their own ads feature the typical current ESPN viewers (white! male! 18-39!) so they’re not really doing anything for the non-ESPN people.

So, maybe they’re doing it for the traditional ESPN viewer and just fibbing in the media stuff? THEY’RE DOING A WEEK LONG SERIES ON BROADWAY. ON ESPN. BROADWAY.

They’re insane. That’s it. It must be a tough life.

Speaking of ESPN related stuff: Hey, could someone go back in time and tell TMQ not to say something stupid so I can still read his stuff on, uh, Tuesdays? The upside t’s always fun when people get fired and their employers try to act like they’ve never existed. I dare ya to go find any Gregg Easterbrook content on now – they’ve not only completely obliverated what he said in the past, they’ve completely taken out many things that linked to him on other. I wonder if they’ll try to slip by Tuesday without mentioning that he’s gone.

I wonder if Slate can take him back? He does have a blog where he can post those sort of things, but he did a nice job of balancing out the good and the bad on Page 2 (and now the Good side sure ain’t winning.)

(altering this page more. probably will do more. feel free to do feedback. Say something really offensive so I can pull commenting!)

Weekend Stuff


After 3 plus weeks, I’m finally caught up in WWE B-Shows.

  • Last Week’s Heat
  • This Week’s Velocity
  • This Week’s Heat

    The nicest thing I can say about Rue so far is if they’re just hiring pretty faces, they’re doing a good enough job of finding pretty faces.

    I’ll actually do some work on this set up and throw another update up later. Maybe Scott will have TNA done by then. Maybe not?

    Whatever you’re looking for in the search, you’re not going to find ’em. It only searches these entries. Maybe I’ll throw a google one up there?

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    A new (ugly) beginning



    This is how would look – if I totally lost my mind and just left the default values for Moveable Type.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the default values. The key was me stopping being a moron.

    I’m gonna change around a whole of stuff when I’m semicoherent. Old logo returns, leftbox is back if I can figure out how to get it working again, that calendar over there is LONG GONE and surely other stuff. I’d like to bring back that menu bar, but it was taking up so much above the fold room (as was the left box) that I don’t think it can come back like that. Maybe something sweet down the side, that’s the ticket.

    Now, to try to Excerpt box for no reason. Feel free to use the comments for death threats and/or feedback on what you liked about the old version.